Gertrude Stein and The Blitz Undone Over 39 Feet Away

Gertrude Stein who’s lived most everywhere tingles the the bell tower the blitz undone.

                                                The staircase, the floor, yards of rollerball when house cousins
                     all the gallstones towned to. Repeat for whom the dome behind you are here.

Her south is a tale of what was once a maze of midgets.

                                                                                     “Perhaps you are a tale of matching bookends
                                                                           unable to be born, rollerball and the repeat to be!”

                                                The bell tower loves to lose control.

Almost as night and they’re a gin of white and Gertrude Stein, the center
of which is a twisting mist of a little more complexity tied
to the bridge and the exits of her

shockings most concur. Their house, for you, indistinctly visible, over 39 feet away.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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