The Larger, The Smaller:
            Richard Feynman in the Pilgrimage of Fog

                     To obey a reflection is psychological, and oscillating. This is everywhere.

                                                                              Leaving only the men to dress in dogs.

It is psychological and exists in the wrong impression, an outer garment sewn
into the inevitable adaptation of poor soil. Feynman said “Understanding electrons
is like understanding the behavior of a drain,

                                                               grow a long beard,

                                                                              they are both composed of sacred works.”

An atom does not keep saying so to answer all the charges against it. An atom
does not believe in the pilgrimage, or fog. Spinning like that made them.

Do not appeal to be windblown because you will get lost in the society of something
familiar. Such was said to say here it can be because it to an atom behaves like nothing
you could know, the blind alley of your saying so can be the theory.

                                                                                             The drain into an electron is very small
                                                      and tells stories of equations without designating a hunch.

To see it is to see the perpetual torment of those who believe the universe
works like two migrant tongues in the crux of modern mechanics.


Feynman said there’s only one person in the screwy wearing of these equations who
will ever grow a long enough beard, and smiling, he left this as his sole defensible theory.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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