John Brown, of Water, Assembles a Small Band of Clouds

The Project was full of passages, with a small, clean, climbable pit that made
the edges owls, to carry more through the stammering of the mountains.

Brown was born entailing many: rough stone, the dome

of the evening as it sat stranded in Missouri where he united the fire within
the fire, he was born in the way of calculations and cauldron clairvoyance,

what is what he was born in essence and in the end
was born in rain, which he was, away in Kansas.

His family moved to revamp this rain including once human the color of freedom.

John Brown secretly recruited a small band of clouds
and was unafraid when he was unafraid when he
finally initiated his plan.

            “Congratulations!” Water. Seizing the area, at Osawatomie itself a tree.

Treason is as ever a theory of struggles between the Tears and Brown began to end
them, sitting his life down in the kitchen with his sons
to door positions within the pod.

While living he had long entertained the jagged roof of the martyr’s fourteen
twice though he would never think to bend before the owls made the moon.

                                                                     This is what is i guess is i said is was in the throat
                                          of ought, this bus Brown, aided by the fire, and it moves again

in Kansas, in Ohio, along with the Owls the sun sent from Osawatomie to free the flood.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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