When Alice Paul Changed The Floor

The city of never-now before it arrived was Alice Paul standing
without a new farm at the Final Threshold.

“The ushers watch me, and this is not enough trouble.”

What she did. Here are two big red boats.

                                                      “The Teacher, the World.”

                                                                                 What Alice Paul undid to done.

The movement could guess at dirt could guess this dirt was a valley in stone.

Alice Paul standing, the bridge reads:

                                                      When Alice Paul Changed The Floor.

Corners carried through the land of the door before crossing an empty hall.
to inflate before it ended up a period against her. The rules are for her died.

What holds the sun is going to her the secret ingredient in stone and then
when Alice Paul said “the walls again” there was buckling and again
the lazy pacing and again and the lazy pacing clouds.

She says nothing if not but the body of never, now.

Alice Paul keeping watch over the winter once when Alice Paul changed the if of Ice.

You can always go and see the sun again and call for the ear that just won’t go home,

I see me...

When Alice Paul done changed to more.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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