Circles of Anne Hutchinson Source the Thorn

Anne Hutchinson knew the secret purpose of transparent polyester, and it was not good.

She organized the women of Boston using a lodestone known since the ancient alphabet,
its runes derived from the Etruscan carved on stone monuments and dipped into the
distance of the squares.

            The earth itself behaves like a single cell,

                        an amulet augmenting the growth of certain sounds.

                                    Circles, and seeds, and civilizations exist, all these cells have escaped
                                                the thorn, Boston, have escaped the truth of what was once in
                                 the earth since lost the earth itself as in a craned dark time of teachings.

The phenomenon of insecticide and the magnetism of what was said.

The circle stretched around Anne Hutchinson, transparent, it called to when to when
to it called to her when as clonal, the soft light galvanizing the science of source causes.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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