The Gnostic Texts of Mother Jones,
            was Mother Jones, The World and What To Do

Even in the radio she did not disappear, there was the fiery speech to the waves
of mops in Silver Spring who dug up the Pennsylvania coalfields as she explained
gravitation’s link to production.

There she spoke and there she seemed to explode into larger units.

                                                                                                      She was Mother Jones.

                                 “I’m not a tent colony in the structural complexity of all agitators,
                                                                                 I’m a Gnostic text challenging the Steel.”

The material universe. Gravitation is the empire and the energy

and Capitalism needs a Vedic correspondence.

First, the animal power in the Divine Being fell from this transcendent realm
into a secret knowledge which made loose capital abundant, and this capital
was used to explain away the world that Zoroaster amalgamated in two systems.

                                 The modern working class began to replace human bodies.

To substantiate their claim, a complicated mythology. Economic activity as the outward
expression of a towel wrapped around the material universe. She couldn't turn away.

Gnostics develop when public bodies are privately owned. Mother Jones and the idea
of humanity immersed in nature where the expansion of spirits has begun,
it characterized the motion of the stairs.

                                 The electric light that she was in the sweeping transformations
                     of this march-of-all-directions-in, Mother Jones spoke for the sparks

of the weakest, with families of brooms and farmers who created the structural
complexity of the conflict that companied the rousting. It was the world and what to do.

Jeffrey Little | Mudlark No. 22
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