Two Sisters Who Had Wandered

two sisters who had wandered
met in a field by the riverside
the elder spoke and said
September, they say
continues very close
houses, neighbors, babies, they say,
will go to ashes in the burning world someday

I tasted sweetness, the other said, yesterday
the day before it rained so much, there was general disorder
the spirit in the house made shaking, noise, and clamor
Elias Miller of our town had a horse killed by lightning
I was detained at Mother's by the rain

what else did she see?
the dance of the blessed
skeletons and lutes
burning spirits, a scorpion, a bird-man

what else did she tell about?
invisible spirits, a dog-face
a surplus maidenhood, a stranger

what else?
that there is music in the motions of heaven, they say
that even all this is nothing they say
to what will turn and drift upward, as light as a girl
inside the burning eye of grace

Robert Gregory | Mudlark No. 17
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