Jeffrey Little

For the past decade Jeffrey Little has been scuttling around stages and the small presses like a cobbler looking for a pair of lost claws, publishing in journals such as EXQUISITE CORPSE, SHATTERED WIG, COLUMBIA POETRY REVIEW, KIOSK, SPOUT, JUXTA, and LOST & FOUND TIMES. He's the author of a number of chapbooks including, BUCKSHOT & SAMMY DAVIS: A LANDSCAPE OF TUBAS (Undulating Bedsheets Productions, Los Angeles, CA), THE GAME SHOW YEARS (Shattered Wig Press, Baltimore, MD), and in collaboration with Jim Leftwich, GNOMMONCLATURE (Luna Bisonte Prods, Columbus, OH). He's also recently published the book, THE HOTEL STERNO (Spout Press, Minneapolis, MN), which is available on or directly through Spout Press.

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