Allegoria della Chiesa

My attitude's no plenitude.
Hedging in and out, love's a maze
appointing no relief. Turn
your head, I could be sitting on a rock:
into rugged readers, loose belief.
Kindness half be-cottoned; stance
a gestural ambivalence like pain.
Hope fading out, then warming up again;
I can hardly kid myself we're home,
the tides reverse. Paths allotted burns,
tested histories alarmed to roost.
I long to hold a compass, take a charm,
unspinning damage, alleviating pressure,
in the lower zone, abrasions swarm.
Initiation's a damn, welling up,
lapping at a party or a dance
(haberdashery the main expense).
Overcoming opportune romance, daily's
the thing, the chasm, the deduction
from the lonely contours of this map.

Sarah Law | Mudlark No. 14
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