Ultima Cena (particolare)

Because I tried to walk away
tried to stalk the immobility of 'while'
proffering, withdrawing, sympathy
as the twist of snow desiccates harm
as the footsteps conjunct our stream
crassly, backing the chair, we'll waive
those terrors. Diurnal marathon
to succour love at all, whose rented room
alleviates the contract, coming down
to a proportional embrace;
your visual entertainment, supermark
all the idle gossip of five wounds
and consequent insomniac despair.
I'm sorry, prone to emergencies
prioritizing what's known to be familiar
sounding pain behind the doorless cell;
sense of that layout, sensing all too well.
Only this, intransigent and dour,
the brief resuscitation of a flower.

Sarah Law | Mudlark No. 14
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