Trifono di S. Tommaso d'Aquino – Les Sciences Sacre

Flamboyancy gathers knowledge;
that efficacy in fighting the monstrous
through a shake of dust, a boom
of sonic cavity, clamoured ivy.
Chin in grip of rational advice
furtive in a generous disdain
of evidence; the pharmacy meridian
tough as a cluster of birds
assembling on the legendary bough
of baldaquin, of battlefield.
Who threw that medicine ball?
An antibalm, serrated prescription
condemning the small by design
to imperfected logic, overweight
by canonical procedures, evergreen
otherwise, a federation lawn.
A guru floats, a hermit prays
in all her microcosmic rays,
robes like spectra born of rain
the universe expands again.

Sarah Law | Mudlark No. 14
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