Battistero – Cupola sopra l'altare

Callipers engaging in détente
the throng stepping a grapevine
in small bursts, palmistry enclosing
the secret of ripe velvet, bitten
by a glimmered edifice of faith
plaiting the thoughtful star in dalliance
(pressing the thrones in flashlight)
an interview of vineyard graces.
I'm bashful: acknowledgment
is a walking wavelet, drinking
slips its plastercast, plays on
a parabola of syncopation, dome
charged with apolytikion, diurnal
welcoming of souls, and pearls.
Forbidden to kneel, flame in
a favourite cluster of faces.
Salt dances, preserves the draft
ameliorating the measured tread
ring of hallowed oil on head
the puzzle of circumference.

Sarah Law | Mudlark No. 14
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