Madonna del Rosario

Take me out with berries of redemption
your final style of interludic racing
dis-ease of connection is raw,
falling into single trance, kissed
in a cobalt memory, unpeeled cell
of attraction, the chemical wonder.
I'm cryogenetically squandered, I
crumpled my chance. Didactic élan
feeds as a drip my intent, altruism
lining coves, passion's wick
and the infinite pain of the cast
volume. Bear's shady torch, to claw
at that thick, manacled sagacity
intrepid in customising brands
(a looming tangibility of lack)
until my sainted call for you is feral,
trawled with compressed carbon,
making zones; antiphonal response
to this vacancy's torrent of blue
burnt ice, inner view.

Sarah Law | Mudlark No. 14
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