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Fleming Family Letters Container List

Name of Family Member / Correspondent
Box Folder Description
Charles Seton Fleming
Box: 1 Folder: 1-2 No year, May 14, Hibernia. Letter from Aunt Till ? (signature not legible).
Box: 1 Folder: 3-4 1898 August 22, Jacksonville, Fla.. Letter to "My Dear Seton..." from "Your Affectionate Cousin Edward Francis Fleming."
Elizabeth L. FLeming (later Mrs. F. P. Hamilton)
Box: 1 Folder: 5-6 1902 October 28, New York. Letter from Dunham.
Box: 1 Folder: 7 1903 ?, Jax [sic]. Card from Steve A. Williams.
Box: 1 Folder: 8-9 1904 September 14, Jacksonville, Florida. Letter from Rio Bouos ? (signature not legible).
Box: 1 Folder: 10-11 1904 December 15, Bluefield, West Virginia. Letter from Dooley. On letterhead: Flat Top Fuel Company.
Box: 1 Folder: 12-13 1907 February 16, San Francisco. Letter from W. Fitzhugh Turner ? (signature not legible). On letterhead: Southern Pacific Company.
Box: 1 Folder: 14-15 1908 April 9, New York. Letter to "Dear Betsy," from "Oliver." On letterhead: Prince George Hotel.
Box: 1 Folder: 16-17 1908 September 20, Jacksonville, Fla. Letter to "Dear Elizabeth," from "Your afft brother Seton."
Box: 1 Folder: 18-19 1908 September 25, Atlanta, Ga. Letter from LAB ? (signature not legible). On letterhead: Georgia School of Technology.
Box: 1 Folder: 20-21 1908 September 27, Atlanta, Ga. Letter from LAB ? (signature not legible).
Box: 1 Folder: 22-23 1909 May 26, Coronado, Fla. Letter to Miss Elizabeth Fleming, Florida Historical Society, Jacksonville, Fla., from "Wm. Webster."
Box: 1 Folder: 24-25 1910 September 2, Amares, Portugal. Letter to Madame Elizabeth Legere Fleming, from Dr. Eduardo Abreu. In French. Included: Flyer with description and reproduction of an engraving of the Civil War ship, "Alabama."
Box: 1 Folder: 26 1914 February 18, Washington D. C. Envelope stamped "The White House" in upper left corner. Addressed to Mrs. Franklin Percival Hamilton, with Jacksonville address crossed out. Contents not included.
Box: 1 Folder: 27-29 1930 March 28-29, Tampa, Florida. Envelope addressed to "Mrs. F. P. Hamilton, Chrmn., Fla. Room, Conf. Museum...Jacksonville, Fla." With two accompanying letters from correspondents Alois Pawlik ? and Betty Bradford (United Daughters of the Confederacy, Annie Carter Lee Chapter, Children of Confederacy, Tampa).
Box: 1 Folder: 30-31 1930 May 12, Sanibel, Florida. Letter to "Dear Mrs. Hamilton...Lettie joins me in love to you and Mrs. Fleming...Sincerely - Cndie Nutt ?" (signature not legible).
Mrs. Francis P. Fleming (Florida Lydia)
Box: 1 Folder: 32 No date, Palmerstone ?. Letter from Francis Turner.
Box: 1 Folder: 33 1879 April 26, Jonesborough. Letter from "your nice [sic] Sarah."
Box: 1 Folder: 34 1879 April 29, Greenville, S.C. Letter to "Floride" ? (illegible) from "Your affectionate Aunt."
Box: 1 Folder: 35-36 1879 May 2, Greenville. Letter to "My Dear Sister," from Mary.
Box: 1 Folder: 37-38 1879 June 1, Rome, Ga. Letter to "My Dear Lydia," from cousin Kate P. Caldwell.
Box: 1 Folder: 39 1881 ? April 15. Letter to "...My Dear Frank," from "Ever Your Loving Wife F. Lydia Fleming, Home." No envelope.
Box: 1 Folder: 40-41 1881 July 31, Jacksonville, Fla. Letter to "...My dear Lydia" from " you my dear wife, affectionately yours F.P. Fleming." Envelope addressed to Mrs. F. P. Fleming, Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Box: 1 Folder: 42-43 1881 August 17, Jacksonville. Letter to "I was very happy, my dearest Lydia, to receive..." from "your own husband F. P. Fleming." Envelope addressed to Mrs. F. P. Fleming, Hendersonville, North Carolina.
Box: 1 Folder: 44 1908 October 19, Sylvester, Ga. Letter from G.N. Saussy, Gulf Line Railway Company. "Through my old boyhood friend and comrade...I learn of the Governor's serious sickness..."
Box: 1 Folder: 45 1908 November 3, Brooksville, Fla. Letter from JC Davant. "It is very considerate to have acknowledged my concern for the Governor..."
Box: 1 Folder: 46-92 1908 December 16 - February 16 1909. Letters of concern, condolences, and sympathy from friends and relatives upon the illness and subsequent death of Mr. Fleming on December 20, 1908. Correspondents include: "Friend Salle"; Annie M. Bacon; Bela Bayon; Caroline Brevard; E.S. Brodnax; Julia Francis C. Bronson; Carmen Burbridge; Mamie Cooper; C. M. Croft; Mary Croft; Theodore Croft; Lylie Daniel; Sallie W. Dodge; Fannie H. W. Drew; Elizabeth L. Gale; J. E. Ingraham; Ruby Du Pont Kemp; Elizabeth B. Lewis; L. McNeill; Archbishop Robert Seton; Mrs. L. D. Walker; Rev. T. Whaley; Maggie C. Williams; John S. Winthrop; Lilia Winthrop; and Dr. Robert E. Williams ("The colored people feel deeply for [you] & your family in the untimely taking of Col Fleming, which is so recently and unusually regretted and sincerely lamented by those who were bound to him for his past and affectionate speech...") Letters with accompanying envelopes have written "answered" on them.
Box: 1 Folder: 93 1909 April 8, Tallahassee. Letter from Albert W. Gilchrist, State of Florida, Executive Chamber, "I have had prepared some little pins, on which is a representation of the Great Seal of the State. I am taking the liberty of sending one of them to the wife of each one of the former Governors of the State. I hope that you will like the little pin." Note: Pin not included with this letter.
Franklin Percival Hamilton
Box: 1 Folder: 94 No date. Single envelope (without postmark) addressed to Mr. Hamilton. On back: stamp of "James Buchanan's Factory, Glasgow." Contents of envelope not included.
Box: 1 Folder: 95 1903 October 6, Harvard University. Identification card for Mr. F. P. Hamilton, Bursar's Office, Harvard University...Student in the Law School."
Box: 1 Folder: 96-97 1908 October 18, Jacksonville, Fla. Letter from Franklin Hamilton to his father, (on Fleming & Fleming letterhead stationery): "Dear Father: I am now a full fledged worker at the law...The senior member of the firm is an ex-governor of the state and is just now very ill. The next member is Francis Jr. with whom I dined and Seton is the youngest of the family. Francis Jr. is, I think, about 35 to 38. The two sons are all I have met and they both have been very nice to me so far and I think I shall get along finely...I think Jacksonville will be a very pleasant place to live...From what I have seen it appears to be a very lively place and with good prospects for there are three new ten story buildings going up now and the railroads have just spent several millions of dollars on terminals which would not have occurred if it were not that there were things about to happen, in their estimation...Have met Mr. L'Engle, Martins boss, and he appears to be a mighty fine man too. In fact every one I have met so far has suited me very well...With love Frank." Envelope addressed to Mr. R. S. Hamilton, Boston, Mass.
Box: 1 Folder: 98 1909 September 3. Envelope addressed to: Mr. F. P. Hamilton, Jacksonville, Florida. Postmarked Durango, Colo. No accompanying letter.
Miscellaneous Correspondents
Box Folder Description
Box: 1 Folder: 99 No year, date. Letter to "My dear Brother...Your aff sister ? ...Jenny" ? Letter not legible.
Box: 1 Folder: 100 No year, date. Riverton, Va.?. Initial two pages missing from unaddressed letter, signed by R. Daniel. Gov. F. P. Fleming written under signature.
Box: 1 Folder: 101 1879 April 7, Greenville, S. C. Letter to "My Dear Aunt Hattie" ? (illegible) from "your affectionate niece Lalla."
Box: 1 Folder: 102 1879 July 20. Letter to "Mr Dear L" ? from Alice.
Box: 1 Folder: 103 1893 April 26. Letter to "Mr. N. B. Broward," from Henry L. Williams.
Box: 1 Folder: 104-105 104: 1911 April 13. Typed letter to "Mrs. Hettie F. Boyer, 117 West 6th St., City." On "Fleming & Fleming Attorneys and Counsellors" letterhead stationery, Jacksonville, Fla. Signed Fleming & Fleming. 105: No date. Card (illegible) from ? Boyer, envelope addressed to ? Hettie O. Fall, Owensboro, Kentucky.
Miscellaneous Documents / Materials
Box Folder Description
Box: 1 Folder: 106-112 Seven envelopes / no contents: Three addressed to Mr. John H. Shaw, two / Mrs. John H. Shaw, one / Mrs. Ellen Shaw, and one / Rodney Leonard.
Box: 1 Folder: 113 Calling card?: Engraving on top of card: Miss Florida Lydia Pearson. On bottom of card: Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Fleming. With accompanying envelope, embossed with initials F/P.
Box: 1 Folder: 114 Cuff links (2) owned by Francis P. Fleming. Engraved with initials.