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Resources in Special Collections: The Civil War in Northeast Florida

General Sources

Ash, Stephen V. Firebrand of liberty: the story of two Black regiments that changed the course of the Civil War. New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2008.
    General Collections E540.N3 A84 2008
    Special Collections E540.N3 A84 2008

The Battle of Olustee and the Olustee battlefield site: a brief history prepared by Historical Research Committee of the Olustee Battlefield Citizens Support Organization. Gainesville, Fla. : Renaissance Printing, 1992.
    Special Collections E476.43.B38 1992

Boyd, Mark F. The Federal campaign of 1864 in East Florida. [Tallahassee] Florida Board of Parks and Historic Memorials [1956]
    Special Collections E476.43.B68 1956

Brown, Canter, Jr. Ossian Bingley Hart: Florida's loyalist Reconstruction governor. Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, c1997.
    General Collections F316.H34B76 1997
    Special Collections F316.H34B76 1997

Conference on Jacksonville History (1st: 1977: Jacksonville, Fla.) The first Conference on Jacksonville History courtesy Jacksonville Historical Society. Jacksonville, Fla. : The Society, 1977. 15 folders; 28 cm. + 3 sound cassettes (analog) + 6 DVDs.
    Special Collections F319.J157C66 1977

Davis, Thomas Frederick. History of early Jacksonville, Florida; being an authentic record of events from the earliest times to and including the Civil War. Jacksonville, The H. & W. B. Drew company, 1911.
    Special Collections F319.J157D383 1911
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection

Davis, Thomas Frederick. History of Jacksonville, Florida and vicinity, 1513 to 1924. [Jacksonville, Fla.] The Florida Historical Society, 1925.
    Special Collections F319.J157D385 1925
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection

Dickison, Mary Elizabeth. Dickison and his men; reminiscences of the war in Florida. Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1962.
    General Collections E558.6 2nd.D52 1962
    Special Collections E558.6 2nd.D52 1962

Fleming, Francis P. Memoir of Capt. C. Seton Fleming of the Second Florida infantry, C. S. A.: Illustrative of the history of the Florida troops in Virginia during the war between the states. Jacksonville, Fla. : Times-Union Pub. House, 1884. [Photocopy. Ann Arbor ; London : University Microfilms International, 1981.]
    Special Collections E558.5 2nd.F55 1884x
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.

Florida a hundred years ago. Coral Gables, Fla. : Florida Library and Historical Commission, Civil War Centennial Committee, 1965.
    Special Collections E558.F55
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.

Florida Board of State Institutions. Soldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian, Civil and Spanish-American wars. [Live Oak, Fla., Democrat Print, 1903?]
    Special Collections F310.S66 1903

Foster, John T., Jr. Beechers, Stowes, and Yankee strangers: the transformation of Florida. John T. Foster, Jr., and Sarah Whitmer Foster. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, 1999.
    General Collections F316.F695 1999
    Special Collections F316.F695 1999

Gannon, Michael. Florida: a short history. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2003.
    General Collections F311.G34 2003
    Special Collections F311.G34 2003

Greeley, Horace. The American conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'64: its causes, incidents, and results: intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases, with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery, from 1776 to the close of the war for the Union. Hartford, Conn. : O.D. Case; Chicago : Geo. & C.W. Sherwood, 1864-1867.
    Special Collections E468.G78 1864 v.1-2
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web.

Hanna, A. J. Flight into oblivion. [1st ed. Richmond] Johnson Pub. Co. [c1938]
    Special Collections E487.H28

Hanna, A. J. Flight into oblivion. Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, 1999.
    General Collections E487.H28 1999
    Special Collections E487.H28 1999

Hillhouse, Don. Heavy artillery & light infantry: a history of the 1st Florida Special Battalion & 10th Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. Rome, Ga. : D. Hillhouse, Jacksonville, Florida, c1992.
    General Collections E558.7 1st.H55 1992
    Special Collections E558.7 1st.H55 1992

Johns, John Edwin. Florida during the Civil War. Macclenny, Fla. : R.J. Ferry, 1989, c1963.
    General Collections E558.J6 1989
    Special Collections E558.J6 1989

Jones, Robert R. Fallen leaves. New York, N.Y. : Carlton Press Corp., 1995.
    Special Collections PS3560.O52623F34 1995

Kennedy, Stetson. After Appomattox: how the South won the war. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c1995.
    General Collections E185.2 .K33 1995
    Special Collections E185.2 .K33 1995

The Maple Leaf: an extraordinary American Civil War shipwreck. Board of editors, Keith V. Holland, Lee B. Manley, James W. Towart. Jacksonville, Fla. : St. Johns Archaeological Expeditions, Inc., 1993.
    General Collections E595.M37M36 1993
    Special Collections E595.M37M36 1993

Martin, Richard A. "Defeat in Victory: Yankee Experience in Early Civil War Jacksonville." Florida Historical Quarterly 53 (July 1974).
    Special Collections M97-1 (Richard Martin Papers) Box 7, Folder 106
    Periodicals Collection F306.S65

Martin, Richard A. Jacksonville's ordeal by fire: a Civil War history. By Richard A. Martin; with Daniel L. Schafer; James Robertson Ward, editor. Jacksonville, Fla. : Florida Pub. Co., 1984.
    General Collections F319.J157 M374 1984
    Special Collections F319.J157 M374 1984

Martin, Richard A. "The New York Times Views Civil War Jacksonville." Florida Historical Quarterly 53 (April 1975).
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Special Collections M97-1 (Richard Martin Papers) Box 7, Folder 107
    Periodicals Collection F306.S65

Moore, Frank. Women of the war; their heroism and self-sacrifice. Hartford, Conn., S. S. Scranton, 1867.
    Special Collections E628.M83 1867
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web.

Ortiz, Paul. Emancipation betrayed: the hidden history of Black organizing and white violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the bloody election of 1920. Berkeley : University of California Press, c2005.
    Special Collections E185.93.F5O78 2005

Pattillo, Charles E. St. Dunstan's & John. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. : High-Pitched Hum Pub., c2008.
The author's interests in church architecture, local history, the Civil War, and the legendary treasure of the Confederate States of America create a novel about three men: the Episcopal Bishop of Florida, a Confederate cavalryman, and a Confederate Cabinet member. The historical themes are incorporated into a present day search for the treasure in the churches along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Fla.
    Special Collections PS3616.A9252S7 2008

Proctor, Samuel. "Jacksonville During the Civil War." Florida Historical Quarterly 41 (April 1963).
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Periodicals Collection F306.S65

Raab, James W. W.W. Loring: Florida's forgotten general. Manhattan, KS : Sunflower University Press, c1996.
    General Collections E467.1.L57R33 1996
    Special Collections E467.1.L57R33 1996

Rivers, Larry E. Slavery in Florida: territorial days to emancipation. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2000.
    General Collections E445.F6R58 2000
    Special Collections E445.F6R58 2000

Robinson, Calvin L. A Yankee in a Confederate town: the journal of Calvin L. Robinson. Sarasota, Fla .: Pineapple Press, c2002.
    General Collections F319.J153R63 2002
    Special Collections F319.J153R63 2002

Rose Cottage chronicles: Civil War letters of the Bryant-Stephens families of North Florida. Edited by Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart, and Winston Bryant Stephens, Jr. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c1998.
    General Collections E605.R77 1998
    Special Collections E605.R77 1998

Sawtelle, Daniel W. All's for the best: the Civil War reminiscences and letters of Daniel W. Sawtelle, Eighth Maine Volunteer Infantry. Knoxville : University of Tennessee Press, c2001.
    Special Collections E511.5 8th.S28 2001

Schafer, Daniel L. Anna Madgigine, Jai Kingsley: African princess, Florida slave, plantation slaveowner. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2003.
    General Collections E444.K56S33 2003
    Reserves Collection E444.K56S33 2003
    Special Collections E444.K56S33 2003

Schafer, Daniel L. Thunder on the river: the Civil War in northeast Florida. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2010.
    General Collections F319.J153S35 2010
    Special Collections F319.J153S35 2010

Schmidt, Lewis G. The Civil War in Florida: a military history. Allentown, Pa : L.G. Schmidt, 1989-
    Special Collections E502.9.S36 1989 v. 2

Sheehan-Dean, Aaron. Concise historical atlas of the U.S. Civil War. New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.
Reference Collection G1201.S5 S5 2009
    Special Collections G1201.S5 S5 2009

Slaughter, Frank G. Storm Haven. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1953.
    Special Collections PS3537.L38S76 1953

Smucker, Samuel M. A history of the Civil War in the United States: with a preliminary view of its causes, and biographical sketches of its heroes. Philadelphia : J.W. Bradley, 1863-.
    Special Collections E468.S36 pt. 1

Staudenraus, P.J. "A War Correspondents View of St. Augustine and Fernandina: 1863." Florida Historical Society 41 (July 1962).
        Periodicals Collection F306.S65

Stockton, William Tennent. The correspondence of Will and Ju Stockton, 1845-1869. Transcribed and annotated by Herman Ulmer, Jr. [Jacksonville, Fla. : H. Ulmer], c1989.
    Special Collections E605.S863 1989

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Men of our times; or, Leading patriots of the day. Being narratives of the lives and deeds of statesmen, generals, and orators. Including biographical sketches and anecdotes of Lincoln, Grant, Garrison, Sumner, Chase, Wilson, Greeley, Farragut, Andrew, Colfax, Stanton, Douglas, Buckingham, Sherman, Sheridan, Howard, Phillips and Beecher. Hartford, Conn., Hartford Publishing Co.; New York, J.D. Denison; [etc., etc.] 1868.
    Special Collections E467.S88
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web.

Suddath, Richard H. A simple thread: a southern family saga. [United States?] : Tillie Ink, Literary Services, c2003.
    General Collections PS3619.U33S56 2003
    Special Collections PS3619.U33S56 2003

Taylor, Paul. Discovering the Civil War in Florida: a reader and guide. Sarasota, Fla. : Pineapple Press, c2001.
    General Collections E502.T39 2001
    Special Collections E502.T39 2001

United Daughters of the Confederacy Florida Division. Minutes of the ... annual convention, Florida Division United Daughters of the Confederacy. St. Augustine, Fla. : The Record Co., 1897-[19--?]
    Special Collections E483.5.F63 1907

United States Army Hospital (Jacksonville, Fla.) Muster roll of the Hospital Department at Jacksonville Fla. from the 28th day of February 1866 to the 30th day of April 1866. 1 sheet; 53 x 78 cm. fold. to 27 x 11 cm.
Muster roll of steward, wardmaster, cooks, nurses, matrons, and detached soldiers, sick, in the Hospital of Jacksonville Florida, Army of the United States ....
    Special Collections E621.U5 1866
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.

United States War Dept. The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1880-1901.
    Special Collections E464.U61 (print volumes)
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web from Cornell University.  

The varieties of women's experiences: portraits of Southern women in the post-Civil War century. Edited by Larry Eugene Rivers & Canter Brown Jr. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, c2009.
    Special Collections HQ1438.S63 V37 2009

The view from the ground: experiences of Civil War soldiers. Edited by Aaron Sheehan-Dean; with an afterword by Joseph T. Glatthaar. Lexington, Ky. : University Press of Kentucky, c2007.
    General Collections E607.V54 2007
    Special Collections E607.V54 2007

Waters, Zack C. A small but spartan band: the Florida brigade in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, by Zack C. Waters and James C. Edmonds. Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, 2010.
    General Collections E558.4.W38 2010
    Special Collections E558.4.W38 2010

Williamson, Edward C. "Francis P. Fleming in the War for Southern Independence: Letters from the Front." Florida Historical Quarterly 28 (July 1949).
    Electronic version available on the World Wide Web as part of the Florida Heritage Collection.
    Periodicals Collection F306.S65

Wilson, John Laird. The pictorial history of the great Civil War: its causes, origin, conduct and results. Philadelphia, Pa. : National Publishing Co., [c1881].
    Special Collections E468.W74 1881

Wood, Wayne W. Jacksonville family album: 150 years of the art of photography. Written and designed by Wayne W. Wood with Carole L. Fader and Emily Retherford Lisska. Jacksonville, Fla. : Jacksonville Historical Society, c2005 (Jacksonville, Fla. : Hartley Press)
    General Collections F319.J143W66 2005
    Special Collections F319.J143W66 2005

Wynne, Lewis N. Florida in the Civil War. Lewis N. Wynne and Robert A. Taylor. Charleston, SC : Arcadia, c2002.
    Special Collections E558.W96 2002

Wynne, Nick. Florida Civil War blockades: battling for the coast. Nick Wynne and Joe Crankshaw. Charleston, SC : History Press, c2011.
    General Collections E600.W96 2011
    Special Collections E600.W96 2011


Colton, G. Woolworth. Map of Fernandina, Florida captured by the U.S. troops March 4, 1862 and the surrounding country. New York: F. Leslie, [1862].
Shows the region north and south of the mouth of the St. Mary's River: the northern portion of Amelia Island with Fernandina, "Old Fernandina," Indian Mound, and Ft. Clinch; Amelia River; the Florida Railroad; Lanceford Creek; Bell's River; Jolly River; Tiger Island; Martin's Island; the southern tip of Georgia; Cumberland Sound and most of Cumberland Island.
    Special Collections G3934.F29 1862.C65

Florida 1861-65 from Official war records atlas. 1 map; 17 x 31 cm. on sheet 22 x 36 cm.
Map extends south to St. Joseph's Bay, north of Tampa and west to Choctawhatchee Bay; map of northwest portion of state in lower right corner.
    Special Collections G3931.S5 1900z.U6

Theses and Dissertations

Chanco, Amanda Young. Jacksonville's black soldiers: the First South Carolina Volunteers. 2006. Thesis (M.A. in History)--University of North Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History, 2006.
    General Collections XE492.94 1st.C535 2006
    Special Collections XE492.94 1st.C535 2006

Deaton, Bonita Thomas. The Magnolia Unionists: Southern claims from Clay County, Florida. 1996. Thesis (M.A. in History)--University of North Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.
    General Collections XE458.7.D438
    Special Collections XE458.7.D438

Fannin, John F. The Jacksonville mutiny of 1865. 2006. Thesis (M.A. in History)--University of North Florida, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of History, 2006.
    General Collections XE492.94 3rd.F355
    Special Collections XE492.94 3rd.F355

Hardy, Penelope K.. "This most horrible of wars": contemporary British perceptions of the American civil war as modern and total war. 2007. Thesis (M.A. in History)--University of North Florida, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences, 2007.
    General Collections XE469.8.H357
    Special Collections XE469.8.H357

Tyce, Spencer Randolph. An armed mob from which nothing can be learned: the German wars of unification and Prussian observers to the American civil war. 2007. Thesis (Honors in the Major [History])--University of North Florida, Honors Program, 2007.
    General Collections XDD210.T93
    Special Collections XDD210.T93

Video Recordings

 Maple Leaf : a lecture by Keith Holland; joint production of the University of North Florida and Florida Community College of Jacksonville; producer, Ray Bowman. c 1988. 1 videocassette (35 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. Dr. Holland's illustrated lecture discusses the history of the Maple Leaf, a side paddle wheel ship that was sunk April 1, 1864, during a Civil War battle off Mandarin Point in the St. Johns River. Dr. Holland emphasizes the historic value of the cargo and urges that recovery of the vessel begin.

    Media E595.M37M37

    Special Collections E595.M37M37 (c. 5 in DVD format)

Web Resources and Sites

Battle of Olustee. (Baker County, Florida. Confederate victory, Feb. 20, 1864)
The Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park is located on U.S. 90, 15 miles east of Lake City and 50 miles west of Jacksonville. An annual reenactment of the Battle is held every February at the State Park.

Civil War: Sources in U.S. History Online.

A digital archive of approximately 450 primary source documents, including armies, battles, soldiers and Army life, black troops, conscription, Navy and Naval operations, and the art of warfare. (Available off-campus with login, to current UNF students, faculty and staff.)

Florida History Online. Section 2: Florida and the Civil War

A digital archive of textual and visual documents of Florida history produced by students and faculty at the University of North Florida, under the direction of Dr. Daniel L. Schafer, Professor Emeritus of History.

Florida History Online. Black Floridians and the Civil War: Pension Records of the 21st, 33rd, and 34th United States Colored Infantry Regiments.

The core of the collection are copies of primary documents from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regarding applications for Union army veteran's pensions submitted from veterans of the United States Colored Infantry regiments, their widows, and other relatives. The bulk of the materials are concentrated in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. The majority of the holdings are copies of legal forms, affidavits, and transcriptions, which were collected and edited by University of North Florida (UNF) history students as supporting materials for the website: Florida History Online . Florida History Online is a digital archive of textual and visual documents of Florida history produced by UNF students and faculty under the direction of Professor Emeritus of History Dr. Daniel L. Schafer. 

Florida in the Civil War
State Library and Archives of Florida. Contains excerpts from documents, letters, diaries, and photographs.

G. Howard Bryan Museum of Southern History
(Jacksonville, Florida)
The Museum's research library contains artifacts and memorabilia, and rosters of both Confederate and Union soldiers who fought in the war.

Maple Leaf Shipwreck
. (Civil War shipwreck, St. Johns River, April 1, 1864)

Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park
. (Jacksonville, Florida)
Constructed in 1862, the site was occupied by both Confederate and Union troops during the Civil War.