Exhibit: The Hidden Room in the House; Printmakers and the Art of Sublimation 2014-02-07

"The Hidden Room in the House; Printmakers and the Art of Sublimation" is on exhibition within the University of North Florida Library and Special Collections through the month of February. The exhibit was curated by Emily Arthur, UNF Associate Professor of Printmaking.


Arthur is one of 33 American artists featured in the exhibit including the portfolio organizers Kathryn Polk (of New Mexico) and Sylvia Taylor (of New York). A complete list of the artists is below. Five UNF advanced printmaking students are also featured which include Jessie Barnes, Sarah Victoria Brown, Skyler Earnheart, Wai Chee (April) Sham Elizabeth Taber, Josh Quarti, Page Valtison, and Georgia Ward-Collins.

The tradition of printmaking exchange allows for the dissemination of prints between national and international artists. The portfolio organizers Kathryn Polk and Sylvia Taylor selected the participating artists and the concept of the portfolio exchange: 

The Hidden Room in the House; Printmakers and the Art of Sublimation: We all have a dark side. There exists in each of us a psychological repository that lives beyond or on the periphery of awareness. Childhood memories, primordial urges, and inappropriate impulses inhabit this shadowy realm. Whether we repress, deny, project or sublimate, we cannot escape the shadow. Nor should we really want to, for even though the shadow can be creepy and frightening, it is also a treasure trove of rich, imaginal and energy-filled material. Indeed, Carl Jung declared the shadow to be gold. As artists, we are fortunate to be able to access dormant power and imagery through the process of sublimation. As printmakers, we have a unique ability through the production of multiples as well as the social and political nature of printmaking to share, learn, and cultivate common ground.  – K. Polk & S. Taylor, 2013 

Exhibiting Portfolio Artists:

  • Lynne D. Allen  
  • Emily W. Arthur
  • Michael Barnes
  • Catherine Bebout
  • Marwin Begaye
  • Doug Bosley
  • Alice Leora Briggs
  • John Driesbach
  • David DuBose
  • Oscar Gillespie
  • Karla Hackenmiller
  • Nicole Hand
  • Yuji Hiratsuka
  • John Hitchcock
  • Mary Hood
  • Mark Hosford
  • Elizabeth Klimek
  • Eunkang Koh
  • Carrie Lingscheit
  • Teresa Gomez Martorell
  • Michelle Martin
  • David Menard
  • Hibiki Miyazaki
  • Ashley Nason
  • Andrew Polk
  • Kathryn Polk
  • Minna Resnick
  • Jenny Schmid
  • Fred Stonehouse
  • Sylvia Taylor
  • Susan Weisend
  • Art Werger
  • Melanie Yazzie