Thomas G. Carpenter Library Policies

Group Study Room Policy
Number: Policy #0004
Date: 10/13/2011
Department: Access Services



The Thomas G. Carpenter Library provides a small number of group studies for use by current UNF affiliates. These rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the library. Keys may be checked out at the Access Services desk on the 1st floor of the library. At least 2 members of the group must be present at the time of check-out. While the key to a room is checked out to only one of the group’s members, both members must present valid IDs.


Policy Specifics 


  • Group studies are for the exclusive use of groups.
  • A group is defined as two (2) or more users occupying and actively using a room for group study.


  • Groups must check out a key from the Access Services desk in order to gain access to a room.
  • At least 2 members of the group must be present at the time of check-out and show their valid Osprey1 Cards at the time of checkout.
  • One member of the group will be responsible for checking out the key to the group study room and signing an agreement form accepting liability.
  • Library staff will not hold checked out keys for groups who are not actively occupying the room.
  • A group not actively using a room must relinquish the room and check in the key at the service desk.
  • Rooms can be checked out for a period of 3 hours at the time, with an option for 3 additional hours if rooms are still available.
  • Group study room keys are for in-library use only and must not be removed from the premises.
  • Groups must be prepared to vacate the rooms at the conclusion of the check-out period.
  • All rooms must be vacated and keys returned ½ hour before closing. When the Library is on a 24-hour schedule, rooms may be checked out at any time.


  • A non-refundable $40 replacement fee will be charged for a lost key. The group member on whose card the key is charged accepts responsibility for the key and for the replacement fee and any applicable late fees.

User Responsibilities

  • Group study users are bound to the same house rules as other library users. The no food policy applies to studies just as it does to the rest of the library.
  • Group study users must contain noise so as not to disturb other library users. While rooms are enclosed, they are not completely soundproof.
  • The following activities are not allowed in group studies: painting, practicing music, eating, partying, club meetings, using tobacco, holding office hours, conducting recruitment sessions, or any activities that are disruptive to others.
  • Group study users must clean up after themselves, clearing tables and cleaning the whiteboard before exiting the room.
  • Windows, including door windows, of the group study rooms may not be covered in any way.
  • Furniture may not be moved into or out of the group study rooms.
  • Groups discovered to be in violation of library policy risk either temporary or permanent loss of their group study check-out privileges. Behaviors that will result in expulsion from a room include but are not limited to:
    • Disruptive behavior
    • Threatening behavior
    • Vandalism (including writing on walls and windows)
    • Failure to adhere to library policies governing food and drink
  • The key-holder assumes responsibility for locking the door to the group study upon exit and for reporting any problems discovered with the room (graffiti, damage to furniture, spills, inoperative or damaged equipment, etc.).

Library Rights/Responsibilities 

  • The library reserves the right to recall a checked out room at any time.
  • The library reserves the right to deny group study room check-out to any users/groups found in violation of group study room and/or library policy.
  • The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in a group study room.