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Sex Week 2018 Bios

  • Andrea Adams-Manning
    Andrea Adams-Manning

    Andrea Adams-Manning is the Assistant Dean of Students and Student Ombuds for the University of North Florida. The Office of the Student Ombuds provides all UNF students with a safe, confidential place to bring questions and concerns about University rules, policies, or procedures. The Ombuds assists students by considering all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective way, and then advises on how to best resolve the problems. Andrea is also a Mentor for the University of North Florida LGBT Resource Center’s Mentoring Program, Club Can-Do. More information about the Ombuds Office can be found here (link:


  • Maurisha Bishop
    Maurisha Bishop

    Maurisha Bishop is the University of North Florida Victims’ Advocate. The Victim Advocacy Program serves as a resource and support service for anyone in the University community who has been a victim of actual or threatened violence. The services offered range from emotional support to assistance navigating the criminal justice system. Twenty-four hour crisis intervention services are available to provide immediate assistance to the UNF community. More information about the Victim Advocacy Program can be found here (link:


  • Rev Amy Lehr
    Rev. Amy Lehr Camp

    Rev. Amy Lehr Camp is Parish Associate at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. She's been a Presbyterian pastor PC(USA) for 17 years, serving churches in SW Virginia and North Florida. She met her husband, Hunter, in Seminary, and they have one child, William who is fourteen. Amy enjoys living close to the beach,  playing with her dog Dixie, yoga, working out, and time with friends and family. Her passions in ministry are Interfaith Connections, 12 Step Recovery, Spiritual Formation, and Empowering ALL.


  • Jaden Coates
    Jaden Coates

    Jaden Coates is a straight cisgender female and ally to the LGBT community. She is majoring in Secondary Education with a Concentration in Social Sciences and a minor in Public Health. She one day plans to teach LGBT inclusive Sex Education. Jaden was diagnosed at the age of 15 with a rare Neurological disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy as well as Scoliosis. She has been battling this disorder for almost 13 years now and cannot remember a time in her life when she wasn’t in pain. Because of this, she uses a wheelchair as her main source of mobility, but still manages to walk on occasion. Jaden identifies as being a disabled person and wants to break the stigma that people with disabilities don’t have sex. Jaden is very passionate about sexual health, sexual behavior, consent, communication, Kink, BDSM, equality for LGBT people, and Feminism. Random fun fact about Jaden is that she has an Axolotl (aquatic salamander) named Eugene Fitzherbert. She is also proud of the fact that she can do a wheelie.


  • Cheryl Gonzalez
    Cheryl Gonzalez, Ph.D.

    Dr. Cheryl Gonzalez is the Director of the University of North Florida Department on Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and the University of North Florida Title IX Administrator. As Title IX Administrator, Dr. Gonzalez is responsible for coordinating the University's efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX and its implementing regulations, and is primarily responsible for coordinating the investigation of all Title IX complaints in collaboration with the Tittle IX Coordinators and other University investigative units/offices. More information about Title IX can be found here (Link:


  • SexWeek_Icon
    Dilara Hafiz

      Dilara Hafiz holds a BA in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University and an MSc in International Political Economy from The London School of Economics. She is well-versed in Middle Eastern Women’s Issues and American Muslim Culture and currently teaches a class on Muslim Culture & Traditions at Jacksonville University, as well as various topics in Islam through Flagler College's Lifelong Learning. 


    She has worked in the US as well as a variety of European and Middle Eastern countries including England, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia as a writer, editor, and educator. She is the co-author of The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook (2nd edition 2009 Simon & Schuster) along with her two children, Yasmine and Imran Hafiz. As the former Vice President of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, she has a keen interest in interfaith issues and her writings have appeared in the Huffington Post, Common Ground, and the Religion News Service. She currently serves on the Board of Compassionate St. Augustine.

  • DaVina Hamilton
    Davina Hamilton

    Davina Hamilton currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Students at Jacksonville University. As the Assistant Dean, she supervises four directors within different functional areas of Student Affairs including Student Involvement, Recreation and Operations, Student Solutions and Student Inclusion. She serves as a hearing officer for student policy violations and other behavioral concerns. As a Title IX investigator, she hears concerns and violations of Title IX and/or assign University sanctions and recommendations. She assists with the coordination and outreach for academically at-risk students. She also serves as an Advisor for various student organizations including the Black Student Union, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and the International Student Association. Lastly, she helps to organize, facilitate and host the New Student Orientation program and is a mentor in the UNF LGBT Resource Center’s Mentoring Program, Club Can-Do.


  • Envy Inferno
    Envy Inferno

    Envy Inferno is known as “The Geek Goddess” and has been involved in the theater, on both sides of the curtain, for over two decades.  Envy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Envy is a multi-award winning costume designer and cosplayer, who has competed at the international level.  She is known for her character-driven acts and high level of costuming that she has been bringing to the burlesque stage since 2013.  Envy produces her own show, Showstoppers, and can be seen as a feature performer on stages all over Florida.


  • Elias Flynn Joseph
    Elias Flynn Joseph

    Elias Flynn Joseph is a community organizer, activist, and student at the University of North Florida. They have worked around sexual health and consent work, student organizing, and gender, racial, and economic justice. They are working towards their degree in social work so they can continue to serve the LGBTQ+ community and other at-risk communities.


  • Angel Kalafatis-Russell
    Angel Kalafatis-Russell

    Angel Kalafatis-Russell (they/them; she/her) is the Program Support Specialist for the UNF LGBT Resource Center. Angel has over 6 years’ experience as a sex-positive educator, academic, and activist. She is a graduate student and research scientist, currently finishing her MSPS (Master of Science in Psychological Science) at UNF. Her research interests focus on psychological approach to sexual orientation and behavior, bias and stigma, identity formation, and impression management –particularly in the alternative sexuality community. At the UNF LGBT Resource Center she works as the Mentor Program Coordinator for Club Can-Do, and a facilitator of LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau and the identity group “Love without Limits”. Angel is currently under supervision with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) to become a Certified Sexuality Educator and is writing her first book. She is passionate inclusive, medically accurate, pleasure-based sexuality education and creating a community that celebrates individuality while fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity. She is an avid coffee drinker, reader, writer, and consumer of podcasts. She also spending time with her partners, her cats, and her two insanely awesome children.


  • Kaitlin Legg
    Kaitlin Legg

    Kaitlin Legg (she/her) is the Director of the University of North Florida LGBT Resource Center. She is an engaging and passionate LGBTQ professional who helps organizations advance to the next level of diversity and inclusion goals through LGBTQ and social justice advocacy, education, and support. Her current focus includes institutional policy and cultural change for transgender inclusion, capacity building for LGBTQ support services, development of resources through community partnerships and fundraising, increased visibility of diversity support through marketing and collaboration, meeting the needs of the LGBTQ community, and outreach-based education for organizational cultural change. At the UNF LGBT Resource Center, she leads program development, educational initiatives, advocacy and policy updates, community outreach, and the development and implementation of the Center’s annual goals. Kaitlin has experience developing initiatives, programs, and campaigns in LGBTQ advocacy, transgender inclusion, feminist leadership development, reproductive justice, and mentoring with a focus on young professionals and college students. She trains and consults on gender and sexuality, transgender inclusion, diversity, social justice, and meeting the needs of the LGBTQ population. Her research interests include mentoring and LGBTQ students, the impact of social justice and inclusion competency training, and community building efforts within organizations. Currently, Kaitlin serves as a Southeast region co-coordinator for the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals, Vice President for Diversity with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (First CoastChapter), and as a TransAction Florida advisory board member with EqualityFlorida. Kaitlin enjoys facilitating discovery and “a-ha!” moments for people of all ages.  Prior to joining UNF, Kaitlin held professional positions at the University of Rochester’s Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies, Flower City Habitat for Humanity, and Planned Parenthood of Western and Central New York. She earned a Masters of Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education Administration and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of North Florida in 2016 and a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Rhetoric with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies from Nazareth College in 2010. In her free time, Kaitlin enjoys distance running (as of February 2017 you can call her a “marathoner”), eating (especially peanut butter), outdoor adventures, and getting lost in a good book.


  • Lola

    Lola started her journey into sex education by sharing her personal discoveries in the kink and polyamory worlds through the internet. From there, she became interested in the stigma, shame, and lack of accurate and accessible sex education available, and started sharing her exploits with her friends in her living room after parties. Once she amassed a following, she was encouraged to do something with her popularity, and started Sex Ed A Go Go. Lola has spent the last six years kicking ass and using her platform to encourage a warm, no holds barred approach to body and sex positivity. She has presented her brand of sex education and positivity at a variety of events and venues, including Catalyst Con, SHE, GKE, Baruch College, and UNM. When she isn’t on the road and spreading the sex positive gospel, you can find her peddling chic sex toys and running workshops at Shag Brooklyn. More information about Sex Ed A Go Go can be found here (Link:


  • Dwan Love
    Dwan Love

    Dwan Love (she/her) is the Program Coordinator for the University of North Florida LGBT Resource Center. A UNF alum, Dwan received her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Social Welfare. At the UNF LGBT Resource Center, Dwan works to create programming that supports and educates students and provide a safe environment that advocates for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. As a long-time advocate and activist, Dwan recently worked with the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality during the fight to pass a fully inclusive human rights ordinance to Jacksonville. After the passage of the human rights ordinance, Dwan briefly worked with Equality Florida as an Outreach Coordinator, meeting with volunteers at LGBTQ pride celebrations across the state, delivered trainings to volunteers, and planned events concerning racial justice. Dwan is passionate about issues concerning racial inequities, food security, body positivity, and politics. In her free time, she enjoys reading short stories, gardening (despite having a black thumb), swimming, binge watching TV shows, and discovering new podcasts.


  • Rachael McNeal
    Rachael McNeal, M.Div.

    Rachael McNeal (she/her) currently lives in St. Augustine, while working as the Director of Youth Ministries at Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. She also has experience in Higher Education and Interfaith Activism and is the former Coordinator for the UNF Interfaith Center. Rachael graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL where she studied Religion and Youth Ministry. She attended Princeton Theological Seminary where she received her Master of Divinity. She was featured on Interfaith Youth Core’s podcast Common Knowledge and has written for OnFaith, Interfaith Youth Core, Faith Line Protestants, Sojourners, Huffington Post Religion and is currently a contributor to Kindred Youth Ministry. She is especially interested in how faith intersects with other identities including race, sexual orientation, gender, and socio-economic class. 



  • Dylan Meyers
    Dylan Myers

    Dylan Myers (he/him) is a University of North Florida graduate student studying Higher Education Administration; he received his Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Forensics. Dylan identifies as a trans man, has been on HRT for 4 years, and had top surgery 3 years ago.  During his undergraduate career, Dylan was president of the LGBT club where he helped the college become more accepting of LGBT students, which included organizing their first Pride Week, organizing Drag shows, getting more gender-neutral bathroom, and more gender-neutral housing. Along with his passion for LGBT advocacy Dylan also is an avid advocate for Sexual Assault Victims and women’s rights. While attending UNF, Dylan is a mentor for club can-do, a member of the LGBTQIA Speakers Bureau, and takes any opportunity to educate others about LGBT related issues. Dylan’s interests outside of education include watching TV, going to Drag Shows, swimming, and napping.


  • Ryen Rath
    Ryen Rath

    My name is Ryen Rath. I am a third year student studying Psychology, as well as a Resident Assistant in the Osprey Crossings. I identify as a queer transgender male, I use He/Him/His pronouns. I began my transition officially during my sophomore year of high school in 2013, and have been out for 5 years now. My career goals are to work with LGBTQ+ college students as a part of student affairs.


  • Tom Swerwatka
    Tom Serwatka, Ph.D.

    Dr. Tom Serwatka is Vice President of the University of North Florida.

    After 30-plus years, I find myself more committed to the importance of teaching and learning than on the day that I began my career. This increased commitment comes from a shift in my understanding of what education ought to do. For me, teaching and learning are less about preparing for today's challenges and more about creating tomorrow's realities.

     Throughout this career I have tried to use research and discourse, as well as a dedication to social justice, to help in constructing these future realities. This has been guided by my belief in our interconnectedness and our reliance on and responsibility to creation. 

     If you would like more information on anything you find on these pages or if you're interested in opening a dialogue, please contact me in whatever way you find most convenient. His extended bio can be found here (link:


  • Bill Strudel
    Deputy Chief Charles "Bill" Strudel

    Deputy Chief Charles “Bill” Strudel is Associate Director of Police and Public Safety of the University of North Florida Police Department. Deputy Chief Strudel graduated from Fletcher High School and earned a bachelor's degree in criminology from Florida State University (through UNF) in 1977. He went on to earn his masters of science degree in criminal justice from Rollins College in 1980. He graduated August, 2013 from UNF with a master of science in clinical mental health counseling. Deputy Chief Strudel joined the University of North Florida Police Department in 2005 after retiring from the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office as a police sergeant with 25 years service. During a break in his JSO career, he worked as a Vice President for the Enforcement Security Corporation and moved to full time teaching at two Florida police academies. He was Training Center Director at the St. Augustine Technical Center's Academy for three years before returning to police work. He served as a Lieutenant at UNF for four years before stepping down to complete internships at Hubbard House, and the City Rescue Mission. He continues to help at both locations as a volunteer. Deputy Chief Strudel has taught at the Jacksonville Police Academy since 1973 and still teaches regularly, specializing in firearms and tactical training. He has published numerous articles on police tactics and training. He has also taught and attended hundreds of hours of advanced police training.


  • Dr. Nicholas de Villiers
    Nicholas de Villiers, Ph.D.

    Dr. Nicholas de Villiers is associate professor of English and Film at UNF. He is the author of Opacity and the Closet: Queer Tactics in Foucault, Barthes, and Warhol (2012) and Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary (2017) both from University of Minnesota Press. He also recently contributed a chapter on "Drag" to a Macmillan textbook on Gender and Laughter. On sabbatical in Fall 2017, he was visiting scholar at Taiwan National Central University's Center for the Study of Sexualities. His current research projects include a book on queer Taiwan filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang and two anthology chapters on representations of male sex workers in documentary films.


  • Rachel Winter
    Rachel Winter, J.D.

    Rachel Winter, J.D., is currently the University Conduct Officer at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. Rachel is from the Columbus, Ohio area and went to Athens, Ohio to study International Studies and Sociology at Ohio University. While a student at Ohio University, Rachel joined an advocacy group, Students Defending Students, and helped fellow classmates understand the student conduct process. She also interned with the City of Athens, Ohio Prosecutors office before graduating with her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2009. Rachel then pursued her Juris Doctorate degree at Vermont Law School, selecting a law school environment focused on advocacy and social justice. Passionate about both the global and local community levels, Rachel participated in an international study abroad to Cape Town, South Africa with social activist Justice A. Sachs and worked as a summer associate in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Environmental Council. Upon her graduation in 2012, Rachel continued work in the legal field in the Columbus, Ohio area. Fate brought Rachel to Jacksonville, Florida in 2014 where she accepted a position working in behavioral health and advocating for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment services. While working in behavioral health was very rewarding, the higher education field was always a passion and goal for Rachel. She finally received an opportunity to fulfil that desire when the University Conduct Officer position opened up at UNF. Rachel is thrilled to join the UNF Osprey family and work with students in conduct to promote transparency, equality while building a strong and healthy Osprey community. 


  • Richmond D. Wynn
    Richmond D. Wynn, Ph.D.

    Richmond D. Wynn, Ph.D. is a licensed mental health counselor and a certified addiction professional. He is an Associate Professor and Director of the master’s degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Florida. His research focuses on intersectionality of identity, traumatic stress, and health outcomes. He is specifically interested in the ways in which culturally diverse, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people negotiate their identities and manage their health.


  • Dr. Robert J. Zeglin
    Robert J. Zeglin Ph.D.

    Dr. Robert J. Zeglin is in his first year as an Assistant Professor in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at the University of North Florida Brooks College of Health. He received his PhD in Counseling from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. He has worked as a contracted counselor and supervisor for a mental health agency in Washington, DC and served as Director of a mental health day program in Bergen County New Jersey. His clinical focus during this time has been in the area of human sexuality including sexual behavior, identity, and health. His current research is focused on sexual health, sexuality counseling competencies, and counseling best practices for diagnosing and treating sexual disorders. He was recently awarded the Brooks College of Health Dean’s Research Professorship to help support his research on sexual behavior and HIV in Duval County.