Identity Groups

Check back in August 2018 for the Fall Semester days and times for our Identity Groups. 

Please note that all Identity groups are peer-led discussion groups, not support groups. There will be no therapist or other accredited mental health professional present. For more information on support groups with a counselor, please contact the counseling center at (904) 620-2602.

If you have any questions about our identity groups, please email Dwan Love at

Grey Spectrum

Grey Spectrum is a peer led identity group for people who are questioning or identify on the Grey Spectrum. Identities include but are not limited to: asexual, aromantic, demisexual and demiromantic, etc. 


*New participants, please contact the group facilitator before attending.

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Love Without Limits

Love Without Limits is a peer led identity group that discusses different topics each week relating to non-mononormativity.  It is a safe space where All Are Welcome.  All information shared during the discussions is confidential.

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Men & Masculinities

Men & Masculinities will offer themed discussions on coming out, relationships, gender identity and new group topics as interest emerges. This group is for any students who wish to discuss social and personal issues falling on the male/masculine spectrum, including women, non-binary and trans students, gay and bisexual men, queer folks, etc. 

Trans Talks

Trans Talks is a peer led social and discussion group that allows for transgender individuals to meet and discuss a wide range of topics associated with being transgender.  The group is open to all individuals under the Transgender Spectrum including but not limited to: Transgender, Genderqueer, Genderfluid, and Agender.  The first meeting of each month is open to allies.


*New participants, please contact the group facilitator before attending.

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