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Advisory Committee

Purpose and Membership

The purpose of the UNF LGBT Resource Center Advisory Committee is to implement programs and partnerships that support the continued growth, development and stability of the Center.


Membership shall be composed of UNF alumni, Jacksonville community members, and UNF faculty/staff who support the mission and activities of the Center. Membership nominations may be made by the Director of the LGBT Resource Center and the membership of the Community Advisory Committee, with approval of the Director.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Receive updates on LGBT Resource Center activities and offer suggestions and advice as needed
  • Attend at least one LGBT Resource Center program/event per semester
  • Serve as an ambassador for the LGBT Resource Center to the off-campus/Jacksonville community
  • Plan, promote, attend, support and evaluate LGBT Resource Center community events and fundraisers
  • Identify new community supporters and opportunities
  • Make a personally meaningful contribution
  • Understand that final decisions for programs, events and activities are the responsibility of the LGBT Resource Center staff

Current Members

Michelle Adams-Manning             Dr. Jay Dutton       Michael Miller
Ryan Ali             Bill Gardner       Jerry Rosenberg
Laura Berger         Faith Hall       Chaz Runfola
Pat Brzozowski         Dawn Harmon-O'Connor       Dr. Tom Serwatka
Brandon Choy         Kaitlin Legg       Brent VanTice
Dr. Lucy Croft         Susie Menaged       Dan VanTice