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Freshman/Secondary Mathematics Education Major

Osteen, FL

Why did you come to UNF?  


I came to UNF because it was the only school in Florida that was willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goal of going to college. The Disability Resource Center had a huge impact on my decision. They offered me the accommodations they had, as well as, the opportunity to brainstorm other accommodations I might need that they didn't offer at the time, but could try and make possible. It felt like such a friendly atmosphere. The campus has such a diverse population that everyone is accepted and I felt that I fit right in.


What is your favorite aspect of being a student at UNF?  


My favorite part is the diversity on campus. I am accepted for who I am and I know I don't have to change to fit in. This holds true to every student as well. There is something for everyone on campus.


What opportunities have you had at UNF that you might not have had elsewhere?  


The biggest opportunity I have had is that I was able to accomplish my goal of being a college student. I would not be where I am today if I hadn't chosen to attend UNF in the fall. I also have had the opportunity to rush with the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and make so many friendships. I have also begun doing volunteer work in the community with Hope Haven. And I have been granted a job at the disability resource center on campus where I help other students with disabilities accomplish their own dreams of going to college.


How have these opportunities shaped your "personal journey" (collegiate and otherwise)?  


These opportunities have shaped me into an independent young woman who knows there is always a way and that "can't" is not an option. From these opportunities, I am an advocate for other students who don't believe they can go to school or get a job because of their disabilities. There's a quote I've lived by for a long time: "believe in yourself and you're halfway there." This is just one example of how we should look at reaching a goal, believing in yourself is the very first step. These opportunities have also only strengthen my desire to become a teacher. I feel that it's my turn to give back to all of those who have helped me to get to where I am today.


Do you currently have or plan to participate in any internships?  


I will intern with the College of Education when the time comes so I can get the full experience of being a high school math teacher.


Where do you think your UNF education will take you in the future?  


My UNF education will take me past my bachelors degree to continue my education getting a masters degree in special education. I also hope that I will become a stronger advocate to help everyone accomplish their ambitions.

These opportunities have shaped me into an independent young woman who knows there is always a way and that "can't" is not an option.