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Skyline of downtown Jacksonville at night and Jacksonville commitment banner

Student Stories

"The Jacksonville Commitment provided me with a future. Through the Jacksonville Commitment, I am able to focus solely on my education without having to worry about the costly financial aspects that come with going to college. Whereas, without this scholarship I would be stretching my schedule to include work and school. Along with this financial security, the Jacksonville Commitment provides me with advisers and people to talk to about any aspect of college life. This includes meeting with advisers to talk about class scheduling, my personal life, and just for a friendly conversation. The people of the Jacksonville Commitment also serve as a way to connect and network with people in my desired field. With the help of the Jacksonville Commitment I am able to maintain a more peaceful mind when it comes to financial security, learn new skills taught to me by the people of this scholarship, and interact with professionals in my field so I may expand my reach to the real world."


Student smiles with graduation cords

Alfredo Gonzalez

Darnell Cookman Middle/High School alumni

Electrical Engineering major



"The Jacksonville Commitment Program has helped me change the course of my life. Like many others, I grew up in a stressful environment where my family struggled to make ends meet. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I did not know how that would be possible. One day, my guidance counselor lead me to the Jacksonville Commitment Program. I applied, and thankfully, was chosen for the scholarship. I have attended UNF for two years now, and was recently accepted into their rigorous nursing program for my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am so grateful for The Jacksonville Commitment program because it helped make it possible for me to reach my goals. I have made many friends within the Jacksonville Commitment family, which has provided me with much needed support. It is truly a blessing to have The Jacksonville Commitment by my side as I continue on in my schooling."


Student smiles from her car


Emily Lucas

Paxon School for Advanced Studies alumni

Nursing major


"I am grateful to have called myself a Jacksonville Commitment Scholar throughout my entire college career. Being a Jacksonville Commitment Scholar helped me financially, academically and socially. First and foremost, without the scholarship, I would not have had the opportunity to attend a university. UNF would not have been a viable option for me to attend without this scholarship, because my parents had no plans or means for me to further my education. In addition to being helped financially, the scholarship provided me with the essential tools to succeed at UNF. The Jacksonville Commitment is exactly what it sounds like: the staff fully commits to every student. If I ever needed anything, there was always someone there to help  me. In all honesty, without their abundant support, I would have been less prepared and more stressed when facing obstacles. The Jacksonville Commitment provided a welcoming environment with great people to work with. I met two of my greatest friends through the Jacksonville Commitment. It has been an amazing experience and I am absolutely grateful to have been a part of the Jacksonville Commitment family."


A young student scholar

Anna Santiago

Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology alumni

Criminal Justice major, Social Welfare minor