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Windows 8 Operating System

Microsoft has recently released the Windows 8 operating system. It is the biggest change in the user experience of Windows since Windows 95 was released over a decade ago (Gartner). Information Technology Services has determined that Windows 8 has compatibility issues with current hardware, software and services used on the campus. These issues will need to be fully identified and mitigated before Windows 8 can be installed on faculty and staff computers.  ITS does not have an estimated timeframe for when Windows 8 will become available for UNF-owned computers.  



Windows 8 is available for purchase through e-Academy for personal use. As with any new operating system, ITS recommends waiting several months before upgrading home computers to allow time for vendors and software developers to resolve incompatibility issues. 


ITS continues to provide full support for the Windows 7 operating system. Windows 8 will not be fully supported on campus until it is released for use on faculty and staff computers.

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