OspreyNet Wireless

Wireless is available for students living in the Residence Halls!


Locations vary due to the layout of the buildings and the availability of suitable places to install wireless access points.


To establish a wireless connection, you must have a wireless network card installed in your laptop. For all areas of the campus, you will need to use a wireless PC card that is 802.11G compatible. Brands compatible with our network are LInksys and D-Link.


Specific locations of Wireless in the Residence Halls:


The Crossings - inside meeting rooms, atrium, lounges, no locations outside


Osprey Cove and Landing - outdoors in the triangular area between the buildings


Osprey Hall - inside the common area by the main entrance, no locations outside


Osprey Village - outside of the buildings in the grassy areas


Osprey Fountains - Connectivity throughout


For more information or to a view maps of UNF's wireless hot spots, visit the campus wireless page.