Frequently Asked Questions

What is OspreyNet Internet Services?

OspreyNet is an Internet service available to students living on campus. Students in residence halls enjoy high-speed Internet connections. OspreyNet is provided by Information Technology Services in cooperation with University Housing.


What do I need to connect to OspreyNet?

All you really need to connect to OspreyNet is a relatively new personal computer with a 10/100Ethernet adaptor and Ethernet cable. If you plan to connect to a wireless network, you will want to have a 802.11g or 802.11n wireless adaptor.


What are the minimum hardware requirements?

While most computers on today's market will do, there are certain minimum specifications that your computer should meet.


How much does the OspreyNet service cost?

OspreyNet is included in your housing rent, so there is never anything extra to pay!


How do I get started?

Follow these few steps:

  1. Run the Ethernet cable from your Ethernet adaptor to the Ethernet jack in the wall or connect to a wireless network.
  2. Open a web browser. When prompted, use your UNF ID and password to login.
  3. You will be asked to install a Policy Key to gain access to UNF's network.


What about Wireless?

Wireless is available for students living in the Residence Halls!!! Locations vary due to the layout of the buildings and the availability of suitable places to install wireless access points. Visit these links to learn more about wireless connectivity on UNF's campus.


OspreyNet Wireless (Learn about the availability of connectivity in each residence hall area)

Wireless Network (Learn about the wireless networks on campus)