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Housing and Meal Memberships

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Housing and Meal Membership Exemption

The Housing and Meal Membership Exemption application is used to search for requests submitted by students for an exemption to the housing and meal membership requirement for First-Time-In-College students. Searches can be performed on Term, Status, Appeal Indicator, Type, Reason, Housing Decision, Meal Membership Decision, and Student ID.  After a search is performed, exemption request details can be accessed for each individual request.  The details include general contact information, admissions application, financial aid awards, submission information (including original request criteria and supporting documents), and processing data for the request.  There are different levels of access to this application to enable various groups across campus to be involved in this process.  The office responsible for processing of these exemptions will have full access to the processing component of the application, including the ability to input a request on behalf of a student or add notes and documentation to a request.  Access for other offices and staff will depend on their involvement with the process.


Intended Audience/Users: Exemption Processors, Housing, Chartwells, Enrollment Services, Counseling Center, and Student Health Services



Housing Contract Fee Exemptions

The purpose of this form is to provide a means to exempt housing applicants from the requirements to pay the application and/or housing deposit.  Students can be entered by selecting a contract term, and then entering the student’s UNF ID.  To exempt the student from the application fee, check the box in the Application column.  To exempt the student from the deposit, check the box in the Deposit column.  After making changes, click the Update button


Intended Audience/Users:  Housing personnel


List of Submitted Contracts 

Submitted contracts can be viewed, transferred to another system (RMS), or deleted (also available on List of Contract Forms).


Intended Audience/Users:  Housing personnel


Mandatory Housing  (to be deprecated)

Note: mandatory housing is no longer a requirement at the university, and processes will be transitioned accordingly. The content of this paragraph may not be relevant. 

The purpose of this form is to list students who are affected by the First-Year student Housing requirement. The user selects the term or Student ID.  If selecting a term, records displayed can be limited by requirement status and/or exemption request status (housing and/or meal membership).    


Intended Audience/Users:  Housing personnel



Online Housing Contract


List of Contract Forms 

The purpose of this form is to setup a new Housing contract form or view or edit a contract form.  The start and end dates are used to limit access to enter or edit contracts.  After a contract has been setup, the user can preview the contract form.  Submitted contracts can be viewed, transferred to another system (RMS), or deleted.     


List of Room Type 

The purpose of this form is to setup a Room Type or view or edit a room type.


Intended Audience/Users:  Housing personnel


Set Up Room Type For a Contract

The purpose of this form is to setup room types for a contract form. The user selects a term (contract form) and then a classification.  Classification defines which students can be housed in a room based on year in college: First-Year or Upper-Class areas.  Rooms are assigned to a building group.


Intended Audience/Users:  Housing personnel



Student Services Menu

First Year Housing Requirement

The First Year Housing Requirement page shows a student their status with respect to the Housing and Meal Plan components of the First Year Experience program.  If a student does not have to meet these requirements, then a message is displayed informing them of that fact. Students who are responsible for meeting these requirements are shown a list of the terms in which they must meet the housing and meal plan requirements. The status of each of these components is shown with each listed term. The statuses are Required, Contract on File, and Exempted.


Meal Membership Exemption  

The Meal Membership Exemption Request form may be used to request an exemption from the mandatory meal plan requirement for First-Time-In-College students living in on-campus housing. General information about the requirement will be displayed.  Upon its acknowledgement, students will be able to submit information applicable to their request including terms requested for exemption, and the reason for the request.  Students will also be able to upload supporting documentation for their request.  The status and decision of all submitted requests may then be viewed.


Purchase a Meal Plan

The Purchase a Meal Plan application allows student to select and purchase a meal plan.  The charges for the meal plan are automatically added to the student's account.  The Payment Schedule displays the due dates and amounts due for the selected meal plan.   In addition, students may buy additional Campus Dining Dollars using this application.


Student Housing Contract

The purpose of this form is for students to complete a Housing contract and pay any required fees related to a Housing contract.  The student must select the term, and then click Submit.  If the student selects a summer term, the student will be prompted to select the Term part: Summer A, Summer B, or Crossterm. The system determines if a contract already exists for this student for this term and also if payment is required.  If a contract already exists, the student can view the contract.  If payment is required (processing and/or prepayment) the student will be directed to Touchnet, and the student cannot continue completing the contract unless the online payment process is complete.  The student enters all required Housing contract information and clicks the Submit Request button to save the contract.         


Intended Audience/Users:  Students