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Academic History

Add Summer Attribute to Non-UNF Courses

Add summer (SUMR) attribute to all transfer courses taken during a summer term at an SUS school (Florida State University) and all courses taken in summer that have a Study Abroad attribute (USTB). 

SUS school is indicated by "0" on Voice Responce field in STVSBGI.


Technical Notes:

Job WSH5810
Package wkshpro
Procedure p_add_sumr_attr

General Education Transcript Notations

Once a student has completed the General Education requirements, it is displayed on the student’s transcript. This nightly process selects all undergraduate students with an Active General Student (SGASTDN) record for the current term. The process then uses CAPP to determine if the General Education requirement has been met. If the requirement is met a comment (General Education Completed) is added (if one does not already exist) as an event which will be displayed on the student’s transcript.


Technical Notes: 

Job WSH5250
Package wkshtrn
Procedure p_check_gened


Grade Changes/Academic Standing

The process produces a report of students where grade changes  (excluding forgiveness grades) could potentially affect academic standing.  Grade changes for the seven days prior to the parameter date are included. It is assumed that students with GPA's moving above or below the probation cutoff may need to have their recorded academic standing or Deans list notation reviewed.  Students who have a change in earned hours but with a zero GPA are also included in the report.  These are most likely students who went from an F grade to a P grade where earned hours are counted but P grades are not counted in GPA.


The report includes:  Student ID, Student Name, Level, Status, Term, Academic Standing Code, Deans List code, Original Term GPA, Current Term GPA, Original Term Earned Hours, Current Term Earned Hours, Original Cumulative GPA, Current Cumulative GPA, Original Cumulative Earned Hours, Current Cumulative Earned Hours


The report is emailed to


Technical Notes: 


Job WSH1880
Package wkshrpt
Procedure p_check_acad_stand


Grade Changes for Athletes

The process produces a report of students who are athletes who have had grade changes.  Grade changes for the seven days prior to the parameter date are included. 


The report includes: Student ID, Student Name, Term, Course, Previous Grade, and Current Grade


The report is sent by email to a Distribution list: athlete-grade-changes.


Technical Notes:

Job WSH1885
Package wkshrpt
Procedure p_athlete_grade_changes


Remove Suspension Notations

Disciplinary suspensions are displayed on the student’s transcript.  When they are applied to the transcript an expiration date is noted.  This nightly process removes the disciplinary suspension notation if the expiration date is prior to the current date.


Technical Notes:   


Job WSH5240
Package wkshtrn
Procedure p_remove_suspension



Repeat Course Processing

The following processes are run nightly to manage repeat indicators on both transfer and UNF courses:

  1. WSH5494 - Creates a population selection of students with recent coursework activity where the students have incorrect repeat indicators on any of their coursework.  This process also sets the beginning processing term value for the next job in this sequence based on the incorrectly marked repeat indicators for each student.  Note: the term value can never be set to a value less than Summer 2012, which is when transfer coursework began being included in repeat processing.
  2. Repeat/Equivalent Course Check (SHRRPTS) and WSH5496 - The banner job SHRRPTS is continuously run starting at the term value set in the last job and through the current term.  After each run of SHRRPTS, WSH5496 increments the term value in preparation for the next run of SHRRPTS.
  3. WSH1890 - Creates a report of students from the population selection who still have incorrect repeat indicators.  This process will also add anyone to the report that was processed with incorrect repeat indicators while step 2 was running.  After the report is sent to the distribution list, the population selection is emptied.
  4. WSH5300 - This process recalculates transfer coursework hours and GPAs for all students in the collector file created when SHRRPTS ran.
  5. Calculate GPA (SHRCGPA) - This process recalculates hours and GPAs for all students in the collector file created when SHRRPTS ran.

Technical Notes:

Automic Chain