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Finance System Processes 

Employee Education Program
  • Add or Update EEP Contracts
General Accounting
  • Alias for FGRACTG – Posting
  • Close Fiscal Period
  • E-mail Notification For Denied Invoices
  • E-mail Notification For Denied Requisitions
  • E-mail Notification To Approver
  • Export AFS Data– Quarterly
  • General Finance Maintenance
  • Import GURAPAY Data
  • Import GURFEED Data
  • Import GURFEED Transactions
  • Insert Data to GURAPAY
  • Monthly Auditor General Financial Export
  • Monthly Document Rollover
  • Open New Fiscal Period
  • Rebuild Operating And General Ledgers Merge
  • Select Data Related To Unapproved Documents
  • Start Posting And Approval Processing: Sleep/Wake
  • Stop Posting And Approval Processing: Sleep/Wake
  • Export Osprey Card Data
  • Extract Osprey Card Data
  • FTP Osprey Card File To Mainframe
  • Refresh Osprey Card Data
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Sponsored Research Indirect Cost - Capture Data
  • Sponsored Research Indirect Cost - Create Jv
Parking & Transportation Services
  • FTP Decal File To Q:/Auxsvcs/Decals.Txt
  • FTP Ticket File To Q:/Auxsvcs/Tickets.Txt
  • FTP Void File To Q:/Auxsvcs/Voids.Txt
  • Parking Citations Listing
  • Parking Services Extract
  • E-mail Notification For P-Card Transaction – E-mail
  • E-mail Notification For P-Card Transaction – Select
  • Import Pcard
  • Delete Data From Property Interface Table
  • FTP Property Files To Q:/Controller
  • Import Property Master Data
  • Insert Property Data To Property Interface Table
  • Insert Property Interface Data To Property Master Table
Student Financial Services
  • Export Collections Data – FTP
  • Export Collections Data – Report
Thomas G. Carpenter Library
  • Create FCLA Invoices
  • Create PLIF File For FTP To FCLA
  • Create PLIF File For FTP To Library
  • Import of FCLA Charges, daily
  • Import of FCLA Invoice Data
Travel & Expense
  • Update FOPAL for T&E Profiles
  • Export ACH (Direct Deposit) Data
  • Extract Interest Income Data From GL
  • FTP ACH Files To Q:/Controller, And Send E-mail
  • Import Bai File
  • Import BAI File Data
  • Select ACH Files For Processing