New Features in Ospreys E-mail


Ospreys E-mail was upgraded the week of Nov. 11.  Student email has an improved look and feel and a number of new features. Students have SkyDrive Pro included in their Ospreys E-mail account. SkyDrive Pro provides them with 25 GB of space in the cloud to store and organize documents. Additionally, students can use Microsoft Web Apps to create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and share them with others. 

New Features:

  • SkyDrive Pro - a personal library used to store and organize documents. You will have 25 GB of storage space in the cloud for SkyDrive Pro. Files are private initially - only you can see them - unless you decide to share them. You can easily share a file with every student by placing it in in the Shared with Everyone folder. To use your SkyDrive Pro library, go to your Ospreys E-mail account and select SkyDrive in the header at the top right hand side.
  • E-mail - One click access to filter message, drag and drop attachments, find drafts quickly, better searching
  • People - This is your contacts - you can connect to your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts through options (automatically adds your contacts in those accounts to Outlook Web App contacts
  • Calendar - Merged calendar view, click any item to see the details, month view has been improved
  • Lync - Communication service that can connect you to other students or people who are not students. It includes instant messaging and the ability to create meetings, share your desktop, make calls, etc. 
  • SharePoint - 
  • Mobility - You can access the features of Office 365 on your mobile devices - you can read email, instant messages, and share documents 


 How to Use:

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