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Information Technology Services' mission is to acquire, implement and support information technology that enhances the educational, research, service, and administrative activities of students, faculty, and staff.  Below are some numbers that reflect a portion of their work effort in FY 2015-16. 


ITS by the Numbers 2016





Information Technology Services' budget for fiscal year 2015-16 was 11.5 million. This included full and part time salaries and fringe benefits. The graph below reflects ITS' expenditures by category.  

 Finance 2016



Information Technology Services measures student, faculty, and staff satisfaction on service requests in the areas of overall satisfaction, competence, communication, timeliness, and professionalism. The percentages of each response for each criteria for FY 2015-16 are shown below. Over 2,800 students, faculty, and staff provided their feedback.


2016 Customer Service stats


Raiser's Edge 

This project involved re-implementing the Raiser's Edge system for the University Development and Alumni Affairs Division. It enabled UDAE to use the Raiser​'s Edge system in a more efficient manner. The work improved reporting, data quality and data management capabilities and a provided a more robust and streamlined integration with Financial Edge.


Implemented Project Management and Incident Management in TeamDynamix for all of ITS. This was a significant move from on-premise solutions to cloud services, where integration and automation are more challenging. In collaboration with all ITS departments, they integrated and automated user account creation for all of campus, team assignments, created multiple forms for tickets, and projects. 

Every student, faculty, and staff member seeking services from ITS uses TeamDynamix. This cloud solution is at the heart of ITS operations and project management.

Centralization Efforts

ITS centralized, streamlined and improved technical and functional processes in ITPM​, Housing and Continuing Education. 


  • Removed costs for ITPM by moving services already provided by UNF Enterprise. 
  • Implemented new solutions that are more cost effective, such as in marketing (mailing lists), compliance (made IPTM website PCI compliant), financial operations (shopping carts, reports), and technical operations (consolidated and decommissioned hosted servers with significant recurring costs to zero costs by moving to the UNF data center). 
  • Provided help with reporting to Continuing Education out of Campus CE by leveraging work that was done for IPTM.  


 ITS Requests Application

Continue to Virtualize Servers 

ITS continues use virtual servers in place of physical servers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.​ In FY 2016, virtualization saved the University approximately $500,000 over purchasing physical servers.