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Student Enrollment Communication Center

ITS created an online system for managing out-bound call lists, call outcomes, reporting and automation of follow-up communications. This enabled better telephone communications to students.

Improvements to the Admissions of Students with Disabilities

ITS created a referral system for the Disability Student Admission Committee (DSAC) permitting online exchange between the Admissions department and the Disability Resource Center.

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Academic Technology Grants

In consultation with the Faculty Association’s Campus Technology Committee, Academic Technology instituted a new UNF Technology Grant system. The purpose of the grants is to provide small financial support to advance the technology needs of the faculty in service of their teaching, research/creative, and service activities. Funds can be used for projects including, but not limited to, hardware, software, databases, student assistants for technological development, or networking capability. The grant program will provide support of up to $1,000 towards per funded project.

NAP Telepresence Needs Now Supported Internally by UNF

UNF Telepresence transferred services supporting UNF’s School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP), Clinical Education and Research program from an outside vendor to UNF staff. Students who attended UNF Jacksonville and off site clinical locations at Tampa and Halifax are using Telepresence technology for distant learning. During the year, UNF’s Telepresence unit also supported several Clinical Conferences and Nursing Research Colloquium events where guest speakers and students participated from international locations as distant as Amsterdam, Honduras, and Spain. One of the notable Clinical Conference speakers was the Assistant US Attorney General, Mr. Frank Talbot.

Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA)

UNF is now a full member of the Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA). SSERCA is a statewide consortium that enables the development of a computational science infrastructure of advanced scientific computing, communication and education resources by promoting cooperation between Florida’s universities. Researchers at UNF may find out more about SSERCA and its activities at

GENI Computing Rack

GENI is a nationwide suite of infrastructure supporting "at scale" research in networking, distributed systems and novel applications. ITS has made great headway this year in implementing a GENI computing rack. UNF will soon become part of the national GENI initiative for research computing. The GENI rack will provide server support for researchers, both internal and external to the campus. UNF is the first school of its size to have a GENI computing rack.

Second Cyber Security Symposium Held

Information Technology Services held its second Cyber Security Symposium on March 30, 2015. Highlights of the Symposium included:


  • Mr. Kevin Johnson discussed ways organizations can assess the security of their applications, while supporting their rapid development and deployment. 
  • Dr. Johannes Ullrich discussed how securing the "Internet of Things" will have to balance privacy and reliability while still being convenient to use. 
  • Dr. Patrick Caldwell and Mr. Jeffrey Gouge presented two examples of student research. 
  • The FBI's Counterintelligence Division showed a video to raise awareness in the business and academic sectors about the threat posed to the U.S. economy by economic espionage and the threat of trade secrets. 
 Kevin Johnson speaking at 2015 Symposium



CDRC has More Efficient Invoicing and Bill Payment

UNF's Child Development Resource Center (CDRC) now provides more efficient invoicing and bill payment for students, faculty, staff and the community. ITS developed a system that automates invoicing, streamlines billing codes and enables parents to make online payments. The new system allows CDRC parents to view their bills sooner so they are able to address issues quicker. Additionally, the new system enables better communication to CDRC parents.

BlueJeans Video Conference Rooms

BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that connects participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms. ITS converted ten campus conference rooms to telepresence-lite, which means they support the use of BlueJeans. The following conference rooms support the use of BlueJeans video-conferencing: 15/3905, 42/2004, 50/3412, 51/3201, 53/2350, 53/2203, 53/2615, 58/3803, 60/2112, and 60/1240.


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