Academic Technology Grants 


The Academic Technology Unit of UNF’s Information Technology Services seeks to provide small financial grants to support the academic technology needs of faculty at UNF. The purpose of these grants is to support and advance the technology needs of the faculty in service of their teaching, research/creative, and service activities. The grant program will provide support of up to $1000 towards information technology requirements per funded individual project, or up to $2000 for multiple faculty members working together.

Funds can be used for technological needs for projects including, but not limited to, costs of hardware, software, databases, student assistants for technological development, or networking capability. Projects should support the research and/or teaching mission of the university. Projects that show potential to lead to external funding, that engage students in collaboration with faculty, or that encourage faculty engagement with ITS will be given priority. Additionally, faculty are encouraged to seek matching funds or similar support from their departments, colleges, and university centers (and indicate such support in their proposal).


All permanent full-time faculty are eligible to apply, subject to the restrictions below:

  • Only permanent full-time faculty are eligible for Technology grants. Grants may be held while on sabbatical; they may not be held while on leave of absence without pay. 
  • Faculty who intend to terminate employment or leave UNF, or faculty who are on administrative leave or terminal notice and will not receive a contract during the next academic year, are ineligible. Except in extenuating circumstances, failure to remain at UNF for at least one academic year following the award will require grant repayment.
  • Members of the Campus Technology Committee may not apply for a Technology grant.


The Campus Technology Committee voted to wait until January to issue the call for proposals in order to have time to make changes to the scoring rubric and grant policies. This means that there will only be ONE opportunity to apply for an Academic Technology Grant this academic year. Keep an eye out for the call for proposals in December, and the due date will be the third Friday of the Spring semester.

Application Procedures & Documents:

Sample Funded Proposals:

Sample Final Reports:

Questions About Academic Technology Grants Can Be Directed To:

Dr. Gordon F.M. Rakita
Professor of Anthropology & Director of Academic Technology
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive, Building 51, Room 2304
Jacksonville, FL 32224-2659
Phone: 904-620-1658