The English Language Program at the University of North Florida                             


The ELP welcomes and invites you to UNF to study English and American culture in sunny, beautiful Florida.  

Our Goals & Philosophy

The goal of the English Language Program (ELP) is to provide international students and international professionals an intensive English language learning experience and to provide awareness of international and intercultural understanding.

Our philosophy is to provide each individual with the opportunity to achieve his or her goals. We know that each student brings unique experiences, abilities and objectives to the class. This program is designed to maximize the potential of each individual. 


Study English at UNF

  • Located in Northeast Florida 
  • Tropical warm climate 
  • Near sandy beaches and blue ocean water 
  • Learn to speak English

Learn American English in Florida 

  • Many exciting events 
  • Home of Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center 
  • Experience American culture 
  • Meet new people

Contact ELP

University of North Florida

English Language Program

1 UNF Drive

Building 14, Room 1710

Jacksonville, FL 32224


Phone: (904) 620-4281

Fax: (904) 620-4286