General Information and Requirements for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Waiver and Release Agreement for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs


This Waiver needs to be printed, completed and signed, and uploaded to the student's Faculty-Led Study Abroad Application in MyWings. If the student is under 18 years of age, the Waiver must be signed by the student's parent or guardian.


Waiver and Release Agreement for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program 


Requirements to Attend a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program 


In order to take part in a UNF Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program, participating students must complete certain activities within the time prescribed by different University offices. 


  • I agree to complete and submit all required components of the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Study Abroad Application in MyWings by the date requested.

  • I agree to obtain all appropriate travel documents (e.g. passport, visa as required) and upload a clear copy of my passport to the Study Abroad Faculty-Led Application online.

  • I agree to watch the UNF Safety Abroad video in its entirety.

  • I agree to attend any orientations required by my Faculty Leader.

  • I agree to pay all required non-tuition program costs according to the established payment schedule.

  • I agree to register for any required course(s) associated with the program and pay UNF tuition and fees by required deadlines.

I understand that if I do not accomplish all of the above study abroad requirements, the Faculty Leader will have be dropped from the program and exclude me from any travel with the program participants. 


Additionally, if I am dropped/excluded from the program, I understand that if program costs have already been incurred on my behalf:


  • And I have made all payments according to the established payment schedule up to the point I am dropped/excluded, I may be eligible for a partial refund of my payments, based on what can be recovered from vendors.

  • And I have not made all payments according to the established payment schedule up to the point I am dropped/excluded, I may not be eligible for a refund of any payments I have made, and additionally may be liable for any incurred costs by the University in excess of my payments.


I further understand that the University may review my UNF Student Conduct history and that if such review results in a determination that my participation in the proposed study abroad activity places either me or others at risk, I may be excluded from participation in the proposed activity.



 I. Program Information


A. Once accepted into a faculty-led study abroad program, I agree to attend all required orientation sessions.



B. Should it be necessary for me to cancel prior to starting the program, withdraw during the program, or otherwise modify my participation in the study abroad program, I agree to inform the International Center and Faculty Leader in writing immediately. I understand that verbal notification of withdrawal or participation modification is not considered official, that only I may withdraw from or modify my program participation, and that I must officially withdraw from any UNF course(s) associated with the study abroad program.



C. I understand that the International Center and Faculty Leader reserve the right to make program changes, modifications, or substitutions deemed necessary for acheiving program goals and participant safety.


 II. Program Costs and Payment


A. I agree to pay tuition, fees, transportation, lodging, insurance, supplies, and any other study abroad program costs and fees according to the terms designated by the University, the International Center, and/or the Faculty Leader. I understand that these costs and fees may be subject to increase (1) in the event that fees are raised by associated foreign institutions and/or (2) in the event of weakening of the U.S. dollar against the currency of a program host country. I agree to pay any additional costs as identified by the Faculty Leader, either before departure, during the activity abroad, or after the trip, as required.



B. I understand that if I do not pay all appropriate program costs and fees by the required due date(s) the International Center and/or Faculty Leader reserve the right to cancel my course participation.



C. I agree to the cancellation and refund policy as follows and accept the financial liabilities they specify:



    1. Should UNF cancel the program, all refunds will be made in compliance with the International Center policy:

  • If cancellation is due to an insufficient number of students, each student will receive a full refund of payments made minus any funds already spent, committed, or otherwise unrecoverable.
  • If the cancellation is due to political, natural, technological, or other catastrophes beyond the control of the Faculty Leader or of UNF, refunds will be based only on uncommitted and/or recoverable funds.



    2. Should I withdraw from the program for any reason I agree that:

  • Tuition refunds will be made per UNF tuition refund policies.
  • Funds from payments I have made which have not been spent or otherwise encumbered will be refunded to me. I understand that typically the majority of program funds are disbursed to travel agencies, airline companies, or foreign associated institutions well in advance of the program start (refund of money sent to a non-UNF organization will be subject to the refund policy of that organization.)
  •  Program funds are not transferable to any other person or program.



 III. Medical Issues and Insurance 


A. I understand that UNF does not employ health care professional overseas and cannot guarantee my access to medical services and facilities abroad. I further understand that UNF does not discriminate against individuals who have physical disabilities or have had physical, medical, emotional or mental disorders.


NOTE:  A medical examination is not required by UNF for participation in a study abroad program. However, if a student has a history of any medical or psychiatric problems during the past two years, it is strongly advised that the student consult before departure with a U.S. medical professional to discuss the potential stress and difficulty of study abroad, as well as the continuation of any special treatments, diets, or prescriptions while abroad. Appropriate treatments - either physical or psychological - may not be as readily available abroad as in the United States. Although the very personal nature of these issues is recognized, students are encouraged to discuss their need(s) with the appropriate UNF representative so that proper, professional and adequate advice and assistance may be arranged. Students should fully understand that there may be added costs asociated with such added support (in seeking professional advice, above and beyond that of conversation between student and host institution/organization representative) and that they bear the full responsibility for such costs. General information on health and traveling abroad is available through UNF's Travel Clinic in Student Health Services (Building 39A / Room 2100; phone (904) 620-2175.)



B. I agree to obtain any/all immunizations and to observe other health precautions as recommended by my personal physician or the UNF Travel Clinic, as required for travel to and living in the country(ies) associated with my study abroad program.



C. I understand that UNF policy requires all study abroad students to have accident/health insurance and emergency medical assistance (including medical evacuation and repatriation of remains) applicable abroad for the specific program-defined duration of study and directly related travel time. Insurance for UNF faculty-led study abroad programs will be arranged through the International Center.



D. Insurance provided through the International Center, both accident/health insurance and emergency assistance, is for the program duration only (i.e., faculty-planned scheduled departure date from the U.S. through faculty-planned end of program and return date.) If I decide to depart from the U.S. earlier and/or return later in order to have personal travel time abroad, it is my responsibility to provide coverage for that personal time. I understand that the International Center strongly recommends maintaining emergency assistance and accident/health insurance for the full time of my stay abroad.



E. I understand that, though covered by an appropriate international insurance policy, I may be required to pay for overseas medical services in advance, and then file claims for reimbursement of medical expneses directly with the insurance company upon my return. I understand that insurance coverage exceeding the University's arrangements may be obtained individually.



F. The International Center strongly discourages students from operating motor vehicles (cars, scooters, boats, or other motorized vehicles) and urges them to refrain from participating in certain activities identified by insurance companies as hazardous or life threatening (professional sports, scuba diving, hang gliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc.) Such activities often invalidate any existing life, medical or liability insurance normally carried by students, parents, or institutions.




IV. Reasonable Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 


If you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and may require an accommodation or auxiliary aid(s) for the study abroad experience, please contact and register with the UNF Disability Resource Center (located in COEHS, Building 57/1500; phone (904) 620-2769; email Military and veteran students who may need physical and/or academic accommodations should contact the Director for Military and Vererans Resource Center (57/2700) by emailing; calling (904) 620-5131 or visiting the MVRC website at



Please note that foreign countries do not have to comply with the public access requirements of the ADA and there may be physical or other barriers that impair equal access to medical care, lodgings, restaurants, businesses and other buildings, services or faciltities in foreign locales. Students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to research the access and service limitations of the locales to be visited. Further, prior to applying to the study abroad program, the student should meet with the Faculty Leader to ascertain whether the student will be able to participate in all activities of the study abroad program, or can participate in alternate activities to meet program objectives.



V. Other Student Responsibilities 


Students approved for a study abroad program must be mature persons who want to participate because of a genuine interest in the educational and cultural values acquired by studying in a foreign setting. Each student has a personal responsibility for the success of their study abroad program and each must exercise good judgment, respect the rights and feelings of others, and subscribe to the laws and customs of the host country as well as UNF regulations. Specifically, I understand that while a participant in study abroad, I am fully subject to UNF rules, regulations, and policies, including those contained within the UNF Student Handbook. I agree to adhere strictly to such rules, regulations, and policies during my participation in this study abroad program. Furthermore, I understand and accept that should the UNF International Center, in consulation with appropriate UNF campus officers, deem any of my behavior and/or activities dangerous or detrimental to any program goal(s) or participant(s), my parents or guardians may be informed and I consent to this disclosure.



Photography/Testimonial Release 


In consideration of the opportunity to gain experience as a model and for other vaualbe consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant to the University of North Florida Board of Trustees, a public body corporate (UNF), and those acting pursuant ot its authority the absolute right and permission to:


  • Record my participation and appearance on videotape, audiotape, film, photograph or any other medium.
  •  Use my name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with these recordings.
  •  Exhibit or distribute such recording in whole or in part without restrictions or limitation for any educational or promotional purpose which UNF, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate. 


I further grant to UNF the right to copyright such pictures and images in its own name or to publish, to market and to assign without further consideration, compensation or report to me.


I hereby waive any rights or interests that I might have in the pictures and images, including any rights to inspect and/or approve the finished photographs and images or the use of which they might be applied so long as their use shall be lawful.


I, on behalf of myself, my family, heirs, and personal representatives, expressly release, discharge and agree to hold harmless The University of North Florida Board of Trustees, the Florida Board of Education, the State of Florida, their officers, representatives, agents, employees and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands and causes of action which I might have arising from any actual or alleged violation or infringement of any trademark, trade name, contract, agreement, copyright (comon law or statutory), patent, invasion of privacy, defamation, or any other cause of action arising out of the production, distribution and exhibition of the photographs and images. I agree that this Release shall be construed pursuant ot the laws of the State of Florida. Venue for any legal proceeding concerning this Release shall be Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.





VII. Risks of Travel 


A. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with foreign travel and residence, and I acknowledge that my participation in this study abroad program is a voluntary act that I have elected and is not required.


B. I understand that I am solely responsible for obtaining and keeping safe my passport, visa, money, bank/credit cards, tickets, jewelry and other personal property; and that I hereby waive any and all claims against the University of North Florida and other agents for any expenses or losses due to my failure to obtain these papers or to safeguard properly these items or any other property of mine.


C. International travel is always subject to unexpected changes, delays and even cancellations. I understand that Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance is not included in the emergency assistance and health insurance coverage provided by the International Center. If I desire additional individual Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance it is my responsibility to obtain it. I understand that I may contact the International Center for aid in this, but the Insurance choice is mine alone.