The Educational Interpreter Project has produced 7 DVDs showing sign language vocabulary for Drugs/Alcohol, IEP Vocabulary, Language Arts, Math, Science, Sports and Teen Talk.  These DVDs and their word lists are available online.  For additional resources Books or DVDs, you can borrow items from RMTC-DHH (Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing).



Florida offers a FREE loan video library service for educators, interpreters, and other professionals serving students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Florida.  These materials are only to be used in the state of Florida.  Materials include Sign Vocabulary DVDs made by the EIP and others, EIPA Prep DVDs from Boys Town, books and videos for interpreters skill development/practice.


If you work in Florida schools you are eligible for an account.  Don't wait, set up your account now  

Vocabulary Word Lists 

Online DVD Videos - Subject Area Vocabulary 

Online and Downloadable Materials - UNF Interpreter Program

This link will provide you the opportunity to view and download materials for skill development

Print materials from So You Want to Be An Interpreter are also here for your use. 


A Series of Guides for Parents, Professionals, and Students

Five publications have been developed for school administrators, educators, educational interpreters, students, and parents to support language access for deaf and hard of hearing children in general education settings.  The publications were developed in collaboration with Dr. Brenda Schick and are based on the content of her Classroom Interpreting website maintained by Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Florida's Communication Plan for DHH Students

Interpreters working with deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf blind students should provide information to the IEP team.  This document is designed to help you provide information about what you observe as you work with students:

There are also checklists that you can use to help with your observations and reporting to the IEP team:

Sample Hybrid Interpreter Input Form for the Communication Plan

A team of interpreters working at a high school in Marion County created their own form by including some of the behavioral checklist items on the form.  They are pleased to share it with all interpreters (it is in a form that will allow cutting and pasting) in hope of providing quality information to the IEP team.

Florida's Standard Assessments - Student Accommodations

Accommodations for Florida's Statewide Student Assessments

This publication is produced through the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS) Resource and Information Center (BRIC), Division of Public Schools, Florida Department of Education.

  • PDF Available on DOE's website
  • For more information on available resources visit BEESS website
  • Contact info for BRIC:  Email - or Telephone - 850-245-0475