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UNF Confucius Institute Curriculum/Project Team

Team members will work collaboratively to design, develop and implement Chinese language/culture related curricula and projects for the success of the UNF Confucius Institute.


Dr. Ronghua (John) Ouyang
Professor of Education, Director

Dr. Wen Wang
SNNU Professor of English, Co-Director

Dr. Lian An
Associate Professor of Economics, Project Coordinator

Dr. Yongan Wu
Associate Professor of Chinese, Project Coordinator 

Dr. Paul Carelli
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dr. Joanne Davis
Supervisor, Duval County Public Schools Department of World Languages 

Dr. Anying Jiang
Associate Professor of Construction Engineering

Ms. Ki Kwok
Senior Applications Programmer

  Dr. Sarah Mattice
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dr. Dan Richard
Director of Faculty Enhancement

Dr. Debbie Wang
Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kening Wang
Associate Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Zhiping Yu
Assistant Professor of Nutrition

Dr. Pingying Zhang
Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Mei Zhao
Professor of Public Health

Dr. Qiang Zhen
Associate Professor of Mathematics