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Dr. Lou Woods 

 Lou Woods headshotWhat are the biggest challenges on campus today compared to the biggest challenges on opening day, October 2, 1972?   


 Motivating students to read the text, outside readings and acquire a thirst for KNOWLEDGE. Learn to think CRITICALLY and not accept everything they hear as the gospel. 


  Dr. Lou Woods

 Economics professor 



What have you learned from students over your years at UNF?

Never assume!

What were you doing just prior to coming to UNF?

Teaching at East Carolina University.

How have students changed over the last 35 years?

Less informed about the world, the arts, literature and history!

How has college education changed over the last 35 years?

Become increasingly BUREAUCRATIC, more politically correct, less tolerant of dissenting perspectives.

What was your favorite year at UNF and why?

The first few years, when a noble experiment was being undertaken.

How would you describe the physical growth on campus over the last 35 years?

Transformation of a NATURAL ENVIRONMENT to a synthetic MAN-MADE ENVIRONMENT with CULTIVATED shrubs and flowers!

How will you keep UNF in your life and heart after you retire?

Watching the baseball and basketball teams. Caring for my garden, remembering the camellias at UNF.

What special relationships have you formed with students as a result of your tenure here?

Followed the careers of a number that have gone to get Ph.D.s and are teaching across the country (including the University of Pennsylvania).

How has UNF impacted Jacksonville over the years, and how has Jacksonville impacted UNF?

Helped retain folks that might have not returned to Jacksonville upon completing their university education.

How did you find out about the opening at UNF?

Family living in Jacksonville told me of a NEW university to be built in Jacksonville. I had graduated from Bolles (military school) and Jacksonville University.

What made you decide to come to UNF?

New school with NEW ideas, where ADMINISTRATORS were expected to teach at least ONE class a term, so as NOT to lose touch.

What do you remember about the first day of classes?

An older group — older than me.

What kept you at UNF for so many years?


What are the biggest changes you’ve witnessed at UNF?

The becoming a “typical” university as opposed to a “unique” university.

Is there one event that’s most memorable for you during your time at UNF?

The visitation of Bishop Tutu.

What’s the best thing (or things) about working at UNF?

Members of the faculty, especially in my department — Joe Perry and Steve Shapiro.


 What have you done during your time at UNF that you are proudest of? 

Working for five years as a citizen volunteer at Union Correctional Institution aka Raiford! Before it became mental management.

Biggest changes in your personal life while you have been working at UNF?

Having a stroke and surviving two cancers. Thanks be to God.