Dr. Janice Wood

How has UNF impacted Jacksonville over the years, and how has Jacksonville impacted UNF? 


What kept you at UNF for so many years? 

The challenge of educating young people to become teachers. I've loved every minute of it.

What have you learned from students over your years at UNF? 

There is a curious, creative world out there and various ways to teach young children.

What were you doing just prior to coming to UNF? 

I was working in the Duval County school system, directing a federally funded project and working on my doctoral degree in Tallahassee.

How have students changed over the last 35 years? 

Since many students take “advanced” courses in high school, they begin their “college” experience much younger (sometime two years younger).  Many of them come to us very inexperienced and less mature than the typically aged college students.

How has college education changed over the last 35 years? 

We have matured here at UNF – student dorms, increased offerings, increased student activities.

What was your favorite year at UNF and why? 

I’ve enjoyed every year.

How will you keep UNF in your life and heart after you retire? 

I will probably teach some classes and will work at the Florida Institute of Education.

What special relationships have you formed with students as a result of your tenure here? 

I have taught many of the teachers (primary/elementary) in the surrounding counties.

What are the biggest challenges on campus today compared to the biggest challenges on opening day, Oct. 2, 1972? 

I think we need to be more responsive to our students and to the local community, school system, etc. It is critical that we keep up with the technology changes in our campus courses and classrooms.

How did you find out about the opening at UNF? 

I was working in the Duval County school system and was working on my Ph.D. and was recruited.

What made you decide to come to UNF? 

To develop and build a new program.

What do you remember about the first day of classes? 

Several of the students in my class were first-time college students – first ones in their families who attended college. Several of them “waited” for UNF to be built and opened before going to college.

What the best thing (or things) about working at UNF? 

Independence in developing, modifying the prekindergarten/primary program over the years.

What people do you remember the most during your years? 

Dean Ellis White and Dr. Andrew Robinson.

What have you done during your time at UNF that you are proudest of? 

Assisted with the development and the building of both sites for the Child Development and Research Center.

What are the biggest changes in your personal life while you have been working at UNF? 

Two children and one grandchild.