Terry Tabor

 Terry Tabor

Terry Tabor, acting chair of the Department of Health Science, has told the story many times of his first attempt to get to UNF's campus but it bears repeating. In 1971 Tabor accompanied Jack Netcher, then chair of the College of Education, to the site of the state's newest university. "We stopped the car and got out on what I guess was St. Johns Bluff and we started to hike and we continued to hike. We walked and walked and we never found anything. We finally gave up," Tabor says laughing.


Despite the physical evidence, Tabor says the opportunity was too good to pass up. He left his position at the University of Tennessee and moved to Jacksonville. The chance to come to a new university "was unique in that it was a starting point."


Tabor says he has enjoyed watching and participating in the evolution of the study of health at UNF, from the College of Education to the opening of the College of Health and to the creation of a health science department and curriculum. Tabor says he moved to the College of Health in 1988 because his career had become oriented toward exercise physiology, and that the move has allowed him to concentrate more on research. Currently he is studying the physiological responses to various types of exercise equipment.


The history of teaching health has evolved much in the same way that UNF's health studies have evolved, Tabor says, with the focus changing from reactionary to preventative. "The changes in the College of Health are really like what's happening in the nation with health care," he says.

Tabor says he's especially proud that his daughter Leigh Ann (born during the first year of UNF's existence on Oct. 25, 1972) is not only a student at the University but is majoring in health promotion. "It makes UNF more special to me."