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Satya Pachori

 Satya Pachori

A native of India, Satya Pachori came to the University of North Florida after three years on the faculty at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., having earned his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri in the summer of 1969. He says it was the rare opportunity to shape the curriculum at a new institution that drew him here to UNF. "I felt a challenge to help build a new university by contributing to its curriculum, English major and minor, and in other academic fields."

And in the process, Pachori said he believes he contributed to the University's development in other ways as well: "I brought a new dimension to the University's mission by virtue of being an international faculty member and thus helping to pioneer East-West literary relations in a Southern state."


Pachori joined UNF in 1972 as an assistant professor of English; received tenure in 1975; was promoted to associate in 1977 and to full professor in 1984; served as graduate coordinator in 1987-1992; and served as interim chairperson for the Department of Language and Literature from 1990-93.


As one might guess, Pachori is not one to rest on his laurels. His list of accomplishments is quite extensive, including 45 different courses designed and taught at UNF; publications -- two books by the Oxford University Press and the Macmillan Company -- and 19 articles in refereed journals; 36 research presentations at such prominent literary conferences as Modern Language Association, the Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, the Southern Comparative Literature Association, the American Comparative Literature Association, the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, the John Keats Bicentennial Conference (Harvard University), the Sixth World Sanskrit Conference (University of Pennsylvania), the Third International Conference on the History of Language Science (Princeton University), the Ninth World Sanskrit Conference (University of Melbourne, Australia,) and others. He has also lectured in his fields of specialty at Oxford University, University of Geneva, University of Amsterdam,


and several universities in India during his sabbatical last year. He is also editor of South Asian Review , the official journal of the South Asian Literary Association (MLA) and a reader of PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association) manuscripts in Asian studies. Throughout the years, he has concentrated on the areas of English Romanticism, restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature of the East (India), comparative literature -- East and West, British novel and literature in translation.


Some of his more notable memories at UNF were during his time as chair of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee from 1978-80 and as chair of the University Faculty Development Committee, from 1989-90, when, Pachori said, "I had the most memorable experience in evaluating the scholarly work and projects of my colleagues -- some of them performing an outstanding job. They were exemplums of a perfect coordination of scholarship and teaching, a rare sight on other campuses in the state and region."