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Lowell M. Salter

 Lowell M. Salter headshot

Opening day at UNF was a thrilling day for everyone but not without a few glitches, recalls Lowell Salter, director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies: "There was a high level of excitement but no pencil sharpeners in the classrooms." That dilemma plus a protective film on the new chalkboards which rendered them basically useless are examples of the mishaps remembered by Salter.


Before coming to UNF, Salter was an assistant professor at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La., followed by a three-year tenure at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, where he taught while completing his doctorate requirements from the University of Arkansas.


The opportunity to be creative was a major attraction says Salter, who was hired at UNF in 1972 as an assistant professor of marketing. He became an associate professor two years later and a full professor in 1981. He is recognized as one of three founders of a national organization called the Small Business Institute Directors Association (SBIDA), served as its president in 1976 and was designated a fellow of the SBIDA in 1984. The Small Business Institute program was started at UNF in 1973 and this began a contractual relationship with the U.S. Small Business Administration which is still in existence and represents the longest continuing contract on the University campus. Salter started the Small Business Development Center, the largest program of the Institute, in 1978.


In the early days Salter found that the environment at UNF was right for creativity but the University's natural setting was not quite ready to be transformed into a college campus. During the first semester campus security officers interrupted a late-night class telling him not to dismiss his students until notified because there was a bear trying to break into vending machines outside Building 2.