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Len Lipkin

 Len Lipkin headshot

The date of Oct. 2, 1972, marks Dr. Leonard Lipkin's most memorable experience at the University of North Florida. "The campus came alive, students went to class, and excitement was in the air," says Lipkin, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. "In the evening, there was something I had never seen before: classes after 6 o'clock. A whole new group of students arrived."


Before coming to UNF, Lipkin had been on the faculty at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan., and at the University of California at Berkeley. The decision to take the position as an associate professor in 1972 "offered the opportunity to concentrate on quality, innovative teaching along with research. We had the chance to build a major and design courses suitable for the students." Lipkin served as chair for the department from 1984-1992.


Lipkin says he was also interested in the Venture Program, a special selection of courses for liberal arts majors being offered at UNF. The courses got the students to "venture out from their own areas." Because UNF was only accepting upper level students at the time, Lipkin says, professors wanted to offer "innovative courses that might be done out in the field... something unusual that gave a lot of flexibility."


In addition to his classes, Lipkin is currently involved in implementing a National Science Foundation grant, which deals with integrating technology into high-school mathematics curriculum.