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James Mittelstadt

 James Mittelstadt headshot

Like many of the University's founding faculty and staff, Dr. James Mittelstadt says he never envisioned that he would stay at UNF very long, certainly not 25 years.


Mittelstadt was teaching at the University of New Hampshire when he got a call to come for an interview in Jacksonville. Originally from Minnesota, Mittelstadt says he had intended to someday return home but instead decided to accept the position in Flori Florida. "I only thought I would stay a couple of years," he said.


He began his career at UNF as an associate professor in the College of Education. Mittelstadt says his fondest memories are of the early days, and nights. "I remember the late evenings, working until 1 or 2 in the morning... Every day was a crisis. Creating the courses, programs, policies. Sharing space and knowing all members of the University" he says.


Mittelstadt became a full professor in 1977, serving as an interim chairperson for Curriculum and Instruction in 1984-85. He continues to teach classes in Curriculum and Instruction, specifically in the area of storytelling. During his tenure here Mittelstadt says he's particularly proud of his work with off-campus extension programs.