Helon Evans

 Helon Evans

When Helon Evans started at the University in September of 1970, the Personnel Department consisted of her and the director. The entire UNF staff, which was about 20, had just moved to the Chamber of Commerce building on the Arlington Expressway.


Today, Evans is the benefits and pay manager in Human Resources, and is responsible for, among other things, making sure nearly 1,800 employees receive their pay checks on time.


Evans said she came to UNF because she wanted a job with promotional opportunities. She had worked for more than five years as a secretary with the State Division of Health in the Bureau of Entomology before coming to UNF. "The way you became eligible for a higher position in the secretarial area was to take promotional examinations which included typing, shorthand and general aptitude. Names were listed on a Register of Eligibles in order of the score made on the exams. State employers would then interview the people whose names were at or near the top of the register. I was contacted by UNF for an interview as a result of my name appearing on the register."


After being hired at UNF, Evans assisted in the hiring of secretaries for three college deans who had been hired a few weeks earlier. She made Doris Wilson and Jo Mobley aware of secretarial openings. Wilson was hired in the College of Business and Mobley was hired in the College of Education. Both are still with the University.


After several months in the Personnel Department, Evans had an opportunity to work for the director of Administrative Services. "My responsibilities included coordinating travel, including air travel reservations and ticketing for all faculty and staff. We were issued Eastern Airlines ticket stock and wrote the tickets manually. We also provided a limited word processing center using an IBM magnetic tape machine," Evans recalls.


After about six years in Administrative Services, Evans moved to the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs where she served as secretary/staff assistant for nearly nine years.


In November of 1985, Evans accepted a position in Human Resources where she was responsible for processing personnel actions, USPS performance appraisals and workers compensation claims as well as coordinating attendance and leave records. After 15 months months, she changed to benefits coordinator in which she processed new employees for payroll, provided information on benefits and enrolled employees in various benefit plans. While working in Human Resources, Evans also completed required courses and earned her bachelor's degree in business administration from UNF in 1987. In March of 1989, Evans was promoted to her current position.


Her job and her family keep Evans busy. She has two daughters, a son and eight grandchildren. "We are very family oriented," the Alabama native says of her activities when not at work.


Despite her years of experiences at UNF, Evans says her most memorable experience was being part of the original staff. "Being here for ground breaking and welcoming new faculty was an exciting time for us."