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Bill Herrold


Bill Herrold headshot When William "Bill" Herrold decided to come to the University of North Florida, he turned down job offers from California, Washington and Indiana. So why did he decide to come to UNF?


He says it was because UNF was the next logical step in his career as an educator. "My California public schools teaching and administrative experiences with individualized, competency-based, and computer-managed instruction along with a competency-based doctoral program at Brigham Young University qualified me for my move to UNF," he says. "I have always been a pioneer in education and I looked forward to the challenge of building a brand new teacher education program at UNF."


Herrold received his bachelor's degree from UCLA followed by his master's from San Jose State and his doctorate from Brigham Young University.


Before coming to UNF, Herrold was an elementary classroom teacher, curriculum supervisor and elementary school principal from 1959 to 1970.


Starting at UNF in 1972, Herrold became associate professor in 1978, and full professor in 1981. He recalls that his most "traumatic" experience at UNF was the process involved in his promotion from associate to full professor. "I lost 20 pounds and my hair turned gray," he says.

The same year he was promoted to full professor, he also was named to UNF's and the University of Florida's graduate teaching faculty. In 1990 he was appointed to the College of Education and Human Service's doctoral faculty.


Herrold began phased retirement in 1995 after teaching more than two dozen different courses during his quarter century of work. He was co-developer of the UNF Reading Education Program and author of course syllabi and instructional packages for more than two dozen reading and language arts methods courses.


Herrold, along with Professor Robert Loftin, was awarded the first UNF Outstanding Teaching Award in 1984. Nine years later, in 1993, he was awarded a second Outstanding Teaching Award which was followed by a TIP award for excellence in teaching in 1994.


In the area of research, he was director, co-director and faculty participant in eight national, state and local research projects. He has chaired committees and supervised research thesis/projects for more than 75 master s degree students.


Although Herrold has been a member of 55 university, college and division committees, he says his most rewarding experience has been working directly with teachers. Herrold is currently the co-developer, coordinator, advisor and teacher of three, off-campus master's degree programs in elementary education involving more than 120 teachers.


"I have been most gratified by my long-term teaching experiences with Northeast Florida public school teachers in our Elementary Education cohort master's degree programs. You get to work with the same students for two and a half years. You really get to know each student and see changes in them and their growth as teachers," he says.