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Connections Student Mentoring Program


The Connections Student Mentoring Program seeks to connect UNF students to faculty and staff who can help them integrate socially and let them know they are part of the Osprey family. The program aims to help students make positive choices on their daily lives by guiding, challenging, and advising them towards the fulfillment of their goals. 


Mentor Duties and Responsibilities 

The Intercultural Center for Peace is seeking individuals interested in volunteering to be mentors to first time in-college students at UNF. Mentors will work with a student mentee to share their knowledge and experience in order to help the student better enjoy their time at UNF. 


Mentors play the following rolls:

  • Trusted Consultant: Helping the mentee reach her/his goals.
  • Coach: Guiding the mentee to explore new ways of thinking and working.
  • Confidant: Teaching the mentee about UNF and making them aware of the resources that are available to them.
  • Role Model: Being a strong example for the mentee to help develop life skills.
  • Adviser: Sharing personal experiences and life lessons to help the mentee solve daily problems.
  • Educator: Helping the mentee to learn and develop practices that can be applied in the future when the program is over.


Qualifications and Time Commitment

Mentors must be faculty or staff at UNF. They must be available for a year-and-a-half commitment, or until a particular goal has been reached. The mentor and mentee may continue to work together after the year-and-a-half commitment, especially if the partnership has been productive and beneficial for both parties.


Contact Information

To apply as either a mentor or mentee, please click the following links and fill out the relevant application:


Mentee Application Form

Mentor Application Form


Completed applications can be submitted via mail or in person to the following location:


Intercultural Center for Peace

Founders Hall (Building 2), Suite 2100


For further information, please contact ICP at (904) 620-2528.