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Less Than 12-Month Positions

Managers are encouraged to assess the work requirements of their department/unit to determine staffing requirements. For units with work requirements that are cyclical in nature or that do not require consistent staffing over 12-months (E.G., reduced or limited staffing required during the summer months), managers may make appointments for less than 12-months. In such case the following shall occur:

  • The manager or supervisor shall consult with the director or designee of Human Resources about the proposed change.
  • The position description for the position shall reflect the proposed change and it shall be approved by the immediate supervisor and the appropriate higher-level supervisor(s).
  • If the affected position has an incumbent, no less than a 14-day notice shall be given to the employee that the work-year of the position is changing to less than 12-months.
  • The annual salary of the less than 12-month employee shall be prorated.
  • The less than 12-month employee shall receive full benefits with annual and sick leave accrual on a pro rata basis.
  • Premiums for insurance shall be double-deducted during designated months of the work-year to cover the months where the employee is not working