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ePAF Phase II


The Office of Human Resources is proud to announce the release of Phase II of the Electronic Personnel Action Form!

The Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) can be accessed through the Employee Self Service function in myWings and allows Hire/Re-Hire Actions and Change Actions to be submitted in a paperless form and then approved electronically.
The following human resource transactions are ato be completed through the ePAF process:

1. Supplemental Contracts
2. Labor Distribution changes (pre-pay period)
3. Extending dates for hourly and salary employees
4. Salary changes for hourly employees
5. Title Changes
6. Promotion (budgeted only)
7. OPS/Student Rehire into New or Existing Position

Beginning January 1, 2015, paper PAFs for the above transactions will no longer be accepted by Human Resources. 
Please begin using ePAF now!  Should there be any questions or problems, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x-2903.

Important ePAF documentation:

The implementation of ePAF II consisted of configuring paper-based human resource operational activities to web-based applications.  These Human Resource transactions will be completed through self-service screens thereby eliminating the need for paper documents to process most Human Resource transactions.  The purpose of ePAF II is to reduce the time to complete and approve human resource transactions.