Support Staff Specifications Sr Registered Nurse

Sr Registered Nurse

Nature of Work:

This is work providing specialized professional nursing care, treatment, and/services.

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Serves as team leader.
  • Assists in the orientation and training of new team members.
  • Provides health care counseling and education to patients and clients.
  • Administers medication and assists physicians in conducting physical exams.
  • Refers patients with abnormal findings to appropriate physicians in an appropriate specialty.
  • Prepares clinic charts and records administration of medication and treatment.
  • Observes patients for deviations from normal conditions; makes assessments of patients' conditions.
  • Maintains inventory of clinic supplies and drugs; prepares narcotic reports and orders drugs.
  • Provides generalized public health nursing services.
  • May conduct demonstrations and lectures on school and community health problems.  

Basic Qualifications:

Licensed as a registered nurse in accordance with Chapter 464, Florida Statutes, or eligible to practice nursing in accordance with Section 210, Florida Administrative Code and two years of experience directly related to the job functions.