The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee announces the winners of the Spring 2016 Presidential Excellence Awards.  The award recipients will be publicly recognized at the annual Excellence Awards Ceremony during the Professional Development Forum on May 2, 2017. 


 Presidential Excellence Awards — A & P

 First place: Cathy Cole, Enrollment Services

 Runner-up: Gaea Holt, Procurement Services


 Presidential Excellence Awards — USPS/Out-of-Unit Faculty or OPS

 First place: Matthew Holcombe, Enrollment Services

 Runner-up: Margaret Anderson, Procurement Services


Presidential Spot Awards 

Michael Boyles, CIRT

Erin Campbell, Student Government

Trudy Cochran, Undergraduate Studies

Heather Corbitt, Admissions

Kira Galang, Parking Services

Kally Anne Gomes, Enrollment Services

James Greer, Physical Facilities

Felicia GriffinPhysical Facilities

Ashlie HudnallEnrollment Services

Meghan HullEnrollment Services

DeAnna IrvinEnrollment Services

Kempton JacksonPhysical Facilities

Kylan Knight, Physical Facilities

Shelia Kramer, Parking Services

Joseph Lynch, User Services

Danica Mandarano, Enrollment Services

Robert Parnell, Controller's Office

Valerie Reynolds, President's Office

Leanne Thomas, Accounts Payable

Michael Weglicki, Campus Recreation